Oh Lord…

This morning as I got up, I realized that I had thrown the down comforter over on Yodi and it is sort of heavy. When I pulled the comforter back, I realized that Danny’s dark-ish blue polo-type shirt was laid out carefully on the bed and suspected that Yodi was under it. As I removed it, I found Yodi wrapped up in his quilt.

I left him wrapped up in his favorite quilt because I figured he was cold and I know he prefers to sleep in the dark but removed the shirt. I moved into the restroom and soon Danny came in and chastised me for moving his shirt. I was puzzled until he explained that he does this every morning for Yodi because it makes for a darker sleeping environment while he naps.

This is the man who complains about having to let Yodi in and out, in and out. This is also the man who moans about how spoiled Yodi is. Wonder how he got that way…

Please disregard the debris, he drags it in on his fur from the pine trees. We don’t have the heart to keep him pristine because he is so happy being a little boy.

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