Kids Say the Darn-dest Things

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Landing sun

Sunset Silhouette evening bike ride
Having spent all his four years on an Air Force base, our grandson was accustomed to planes taking off and returning. Since rural life was new to him, he loved his first visit with his granddad and me. We were all enjoying a gorgeous sunset when I pointed out, “The sun is sinking.” He politely corrected me, “No Grandma, it’s landing.” —Liz Watkins a caption

Kid’s Say the Darn-dest Things

Reader’s Digest Read Up:

Deeper, not taller

little girl in sunflower field
One sunny day, while planting sunflowers with our 6-year-old son, I started debating where to position them. Since they grow so tall, I was afraid they might cover up the antique tools displayed on one side of the barn. When I said we may have to choose a different location, he suggested, “Just plant them deeper, Mom!” —Sarah Waymon