Temper Tantrums Yodi



When we won’t let Yodi out, he meows and goes from one door to the other. When we don’t respond, he jumps up on the couch intentionally to disturb anything we might have laying there (his favorite is my coloring pencils). He then uses me or Danny as a pole vault onto the back of the couch making sure to brush our face, and jumps off onto the floor. He will do this over and over until we basically put him to sleep by petting him, covering him with a throw or taking him to bed that is unless Danny gives in and tell him he can go out for 30 minutes.

Now bed, that is a different routine. When he’s ready to go to sleep, he is ready to go to sleep. He gets pissed if we leave the lights on to read or if we watch TV. He will leave the room and sulk just outside the door until the lights go off and it is quiet. If Danny and I continue to talk after we turn the lights off, he will jump up and leave the room. If he doesn’t have his blankie then he will dig the comforter and when he gets pissed for various reasons, he throws himself down on the bed dramatically. He also walks over my face and jumps off the bed, gets back on the bed and does it all over. If we don’t get up when he wants us to in the morning, he knocks things off the nightstand one at a time.

Poor Poor Yodi😿

Temper Tantrums Lyla


Nope, I am not talking about children...well….perhaps furry children. I am talking about CATS! Who nu that cats have temper tantrums? Not me and I have had many many cats.

I told my daughter in a letter that Lyla was so sweet and well mannered that it showed how spoiled Yodi is. Then this happened:

One night Lyla slipped out after Danny assured me he was in the house for the night. I worried all night because I couldn’t find him in the house. I called him from outside but he has that cat tendency to ignore. He ended up sleeping outside all night which is not a good thing since we live in the mountains of Colorado where there are beasts such as bears that roam at night and it gets very cold.

The next night when I called him in, he was laying at the foot of the outside stairs happy as a clam. I called him and he ignored me as “His Arrogancy” has a tendency to do. I walked down to pick him up and he walked away from me and sat down a few feet away. I picked him up to carry him inside and he hissed and spit. When I put him down in the house, he threw a hissy fit. He was trying to pull the door handle down to open the door, sniffing at the cracks on all side of the doors, meowing, going to another door trying to get that door open. Yodi gave him the usual butt sniffing test and Lyla hissed at him. Danny kept telling him “No…No…No” and we laughed our asses off. It took a while but he finally settled down. He got a taste of staying out all night like he was able to do in Texas. Last night I had to go through the regular routine of calling him from the front door, then the back door leaving both doors open so he could waltz in. It didn’t take long when it started raining.


OMG! WTF! With Update



So I am binge watching Damages last night and happily coloring away while Danny slept. I heard some neighbors outside but didn’t think anything of it until I got a whiff of the air coming in from the open windows.It was bad but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. I ran the gamut from natural gas to dead rat. I woke Danny up and made him sniff and he was overcome by the smell. He suggested it smelled like skunk. Well, I like the smell of skunk (I never said I wasn’t a wierdo) so I didn’t think that was it. Mind you we are new to mountain living.

I decided I should call the cats in because it was getting late and the odor outside was overpowering. I found Yodi below the wrap around porch with something in his mouth. He and Lyla are both mousers and being in the mountain region, there are plenty. Danny found many dead mice in the crawl space under the house. I get really grossed out by mice or rats so I shuddered and ordered Yodi to put it down hoping it wasn’t a hummingbird. He ran in the opposite direction, put it down and started playing with it. Even my flashlight wouldn’t tell me what it was.  I waited until Yodi came in on his own (we leave the door open so they can go in and out). He ate and spoke to me and I thought the smell might be coming from him and wondered if it was from rat killing. I picked him up and OMG, he smelled to high heaven.

I immediately tried to wash him in the kitchen sink and decided that wasn’t the wisest choice. Yodi has only had one bath that I know of and that was when he peed on himself in his carrier. That time he was grateful! I woke Danny up and we did our best to shower him which was not easy as he was scared. He tried to climb on me with his claws in my arm. Danny cuddled and dried him off but he still stunk. Danny said we had to bathe him again and we did to no avail. He was so traumatized that Danny wrapped him up in his quilt and cuddled him up so he would stop shivering. Yes, he slept with us, the things you do for your pets.

Our bedroom and bathroom stinks so sleeping wasn’t necessarily pleasant. Anyway, this morning Danny found a rat whose head had been eaten away and had a puncture in his stomach so we decided that was the smell though it would be unusual for a cat to actually eat a rat. Then I had coffee with our neighbor and she told me that they smelled a skunk last night. A skunk it was and it sprayed part of our deck and our cat. The good news is that my friend tells me the smell will go away in a couple of days! Oh goody…


Yodi still stinks but we love him anyway. We have tried pretty much everything and that two day thing…yeah right! We are slowly getting the odor out of the house but then if Yodi lays somewhere…yep – all over again. It is what it is though and we will survive.🙀


IMG_0603Not the bullies you are thinking of, squirrel bullies!

Yodi has no experience with squirrels so he doesn’t know that they are just taunting and that he will never succeed at catching them. They will get up on the tall tree trunks and chatter at him to get his attention then they will come just close enough to where he thinks he might have a chance. When he responds, they scurry back up the tree chattering or more like laughing away at him. He sits for long periods of time waiting for his chance.

Last night, it was getting close to bedtime and the squirrels started chattering. Yodi begged us to let him go out because he was convinced they were calling for him to come play. He came to me first and I told him that they were just bullying him and that he didn’t have a prayer of getting to them. He then went to Danny at the other end of the sofa and stared at Danny with pleading in his eyes softly meowing. Danny said, “No, you are not going out.” I put my two cents worth in and said, “Yodi, they are just bullying you.” and he turned his head around real fast and gave me the meanest “go to hell” look. Then he looked back at Danny as if to say, “Make her stay out of this, please may I go out?”

He didn’t get to go out and this morning he ignored them when they started calling out to him while he was still in sleepy mode. But when he went out, I’m sure they were at it again.

In Texas, the Blue Jays were the bullies to our cat, Cleo. They would swoop down and pull out one of his hairs to use for their nest or just out of meanness. I used to complain to Danny that Cleo just kept walking allowing them to pick on her. He laughed and informed me that Cleo was just playing docile, when the time was right she would turn around and snatch them. Cleo was very street smart.




This is Danny’s proof that Yodi needs total darkness when he sleeps. He showed me this picture and said, “See, he has to cover his eyes to block out the light!”


While I have seen him cover his eyes, I think he missed his eyes on this one and his quilt too.

I do have to pass on a story: One morning this week, our daughter called at 5:30 am and woke Yodi. He was so angry that he started digging at his quilt furiously trying to get wrapped up in it so he could have darkness in order to go back to sleep.😾

I have no sympathy since he wakes me up at about that time whispering  in my ear and tickling me with his whiskers and if all else fails, he will scream his head off!😬

Oh Lord…

This morning as I got up, I realized that I had thrown the down comforter over on Yodi and it is sort of heavy. When I pulled the comforter back, I realized that Danny’s dark-ish blue polo-type shirt was laid out carefully on the bed and suspected that Yodi was under it. As I removed it, I found Yodi wrapped up in his quilt.

I left him wrapped up in his favorite quilt because I figured he was cold and I know he prefers to sleep in the dark but removed the shirt. I moved into the restroom and soon Danny came in and chastised me for moving his shirt. I was puzzled until he explained that he does this every morning for Yodi because it makes for a darker sleeping environment while he naps.

This is the man who complains about having to let Yodi in and out, in and out. This is also the man who moans about how spoiled Yodi is. Wonder how he got that way…

Please disregard the debris, he drags it in on his fur from the pine trees. We don’t have the heart to keep him pristine because he is so happy being a little boy.


IMG_0153Yodi or Yo Yo or Yo Baby or Yo-Wee, etc. is our spoiled brat cat with a sweet, gentle and loving disposition. Yo-Wee is what each grandchild calls him as they are learning to talk.

As the only cat of two active people, Yodi gets lonely. We have thought about adding another cat to our household to keep him company but we have had such good luck with Yodi that we are stalling. We tell ourselves that we are waiting until we get into a “forever” home but I wonder if that’s true. The thing is, Yodi misses his best friend, Lila. Even after almost five months, he still cries to go out to see if Lila is out there waiting for him and watches for him out the window. When he sees his reflection in the window, he wants to go out to see if it’s Lila.

Lila got his name from a situation of gender-confusion; his owners thought he was a girl. Recently, the owner who is a good friend and was a neighbor, visited the pet store where they got Lila and discovered a “store cat” that looked just like him. The cat was a male with a feminine name who he was also a gender-confusion cat. As it turns out; the store cat is Lila’s brother. What a coincidence!

Lila is gorgeous with long all black fur and beautiful green eyes. He was the only cat that was allowed to wander the neighborhood so he was very street smart. Where Yodi is a fraidy-cat, Lila is independent and brave. It was quite a surprise when it was discovered that they were “besties” because Lila was very independent.

When we were in Texas, it seemed that Yodi just wanted to be on the other side of the door constantly. He would want to go out but wouldn’t stay out long before he wanted back in. Eventually, I figured out that he was looking to see if Lila was outside waiting for him. He would also watch through windows.

When they were together, they would often stand in the street just looking at each other and Danny swore they were having a conversation. Or they would hang out on our front veranda just peacefully keeping company. Yodi had a curfew of 10:00pm due to coyotes in the area and when we would call him, he would most often come galloping from Lila’s house. Lila’s family are “early to bed and early to rise” but Lila had a pet door and spent most of his time outdoors. He had a nice back deck with a swimming pool and lush landscaping so we assumed that Yodi went over the fence with Lila to visit. He was too timid to have gone over without encouragement from Lila.

I discovered that Lila was protective of Yodi one day when I heard dogs yapping and cats yowling on our back patio. When I opened the door, a neighbor’s two Dachshunds had gotten out of their fence and had Yodi trapped at our back door. Rather than running from the dogs, Lila was confronting the dogs from behind by hissing at them. The dogs were friendly dogs and most likely wanted to play but dogs will be dogs.

Another time, I heard a meowing at our back door and looked over into our sunroom and Yodi was lying on the floor. Confused, I opened the door to find Lila looking up at me questioningly as if to ask, “Can Yodi come out to play?” Yodi came to the door and when he saw Lila, walked out the door to hang out. After that Lila would paw at our back door or meow and I would call Yodi who would saunter out the door.

We would often try to get Lila to come into the house to visit but he declined. When Yodi would decide he needed a snack, he would come in and leave Lila standing at the door. Being a weirdo, I felt bad that Yodi was abandoning Lila so we would scold Yodi for being rude. One time, we encouraged Lila to come in and he finally did. Yodi met him at the door and literally took him on a tour of the upstairs part of the house. They went up the stairs and over the crosswalk, down the hall and I am assuming peeked into the bedrooms. Then they came back down the stairs and out the door.

When Lila’s owner would come and sit on our front veranda with me to visit, Lila would wander down looking for Yodi. I would call out to Yodi, “Lila’s here!” and he would saunter out. When Danny would be outside and Lila would come over, he would go into the house and tell Yodi that Lila was waiting outside for him.

Lila still went down to our house looking for Yodi for a while after we moved. I wish we could explain to them about the move. I suppose even if we could, it wouldn’t be a comfort for they would still be without the companionship they shared.

A few times, Yodi has ventured outside since we have been in Colorado. One night, we heard screaming cats and ran out but couldn’t find Yodi. We were in a panic but finally found him cowering in the bushes. Danny had to go into the bushes and carry him out because Yodi was so scared. Though we have heard that there are feral cats around, we haven’t seen them but Danny has seen a couple of neighbor cats. We think that Yodi had become so accustomed to Lila’s friendliness that he trusted one of those cats and the other cat became territorial. Until yesterday, Yodi was afraid to go outside with the exception of our deck and walkway upstairs to which there is no access but through our bedroom. He finally ventured out yesterday but he stands at the open door peering out for the longest time before getting up the courage to go out. We are hopeful that eventually he and the neighbor cats will become friends but I doubt that there will ever be another Lila for Yodi.

Burt and the Bunny

10829048-cute-toy-rabbit-on-white-backgroundWhile reading our local rag, I came across a column by a man named Burt Baldwin. I was drawn to the article by the picture of a stuffed bunny on a bookshelf. It was a fluffy sitting-bunny with big feet. Something told me there was a heart-warming story behind the picture and I am a sucker for heart-warming stories, I was not disappointed.

As Burt was getting his mail, he saw something that he said looked like a leg protruding from the ice on the road. Most rural residents have mailboxes on main roads and this one happened to be on a county road. Burt was intrigued so he looked around in the growing dark and found a stick to dig it out. When he got the thing out, it turned out to be a “small tattered stuffed rabbit”. The rabbit had been lying face down so he turned it over and it was missing one of its glass eyes. He surmised that the rabbit had been thrown out, replaced by a newer gift during the holidays and probably had fallen out of a trash bin before the trash was picked up. Burt says that he looked at it for a minute and “a strange warmth” came over him. He picked it up and dropped it onto his passenger side floorboard and headed home.

A few days later, Burt noticed the rabbit smiling up at him from the floorboard as he was gathering groceries from the passenger side of his vehicle. He says there was something about that smile that made him grab it up with the groceries and throw it into the washing machine. He talked about how important stuffed animals could be to us as children. He talked about comfort, companionship and a feeling of protectiveness our stuffed “friends” provided to us in a sometimes-harsh reality.

I know that my two of my grandchildren had these “friends” that would bring about not just tears but extreme crying spells if their stuffed animal could not be located. When they came to stay with us, we always made sure that the stuffed friend came along. A grandson has a stuffed giraffe named “Ba” that has been torn apart by dogs many times. Its leg is partially missing and has been taped up looking like an amputee after having surgery to remove a limb, his fur is patchy and matted and he is missing an eye. You would think my grandson would be more careful with Ba but he abuses and leaves him lying around inside and out. However, when he is unhappy or sleepy and always at bedtime, he cries for Ba. Ba often smells bad even though he gets washed often so Danny has tried hiding him and/or trying to convince our grandson that he doesn’t need Ba any more, to no avail. There are several Ba’s, each grandparent’s house has one just in case Ba gets left behind and he has one with his mom and one with his dad. The Ba’s have names like Daddy Ba, Mommy Ba and Baby Ba. No one but his mom will keep Daddy Ba on a permanent basis. When our grandson sleeps with us, Danny and I have awakened in the night to hide Daddy Ba under the covers or toss him onto the floor because he stinks, mostly like bad-breath. Yet, no one will toss him into the trash. One of our granddaughters had “Piggy” who was a stuffed Piglet. Piggy was replaced many times without incident but the necessity to have it was just as important. When we were packing to move, I found the “Piggy” that was kept at our house and when I told our granddaughter who is now 6, she kept asking me where it was. We finally found it and it was returned to her bringing a nostalgic smile to her face. I believe that these animals were as important to the children as was “home”.

Burt believes that certain events can thrust us into curious activities. When his wife discovered his new friend in the washing machine, she removed it with the tips of her fingers and stared at him in “disgust”. She scolded him for bringing the “germ-riddled” thing home and it was isolated to a separate wash. Burt was undaunted and was happy to see that the bunny actually looked “pretty good” after his “bath”as he had fluffed up in the dryer. Secretly, Burt replaced the bunny’s missing left eye  with a button from his wife’s sewing basket, sewing it on himself. When his task was finished, he placed the bunny on the bookshelf in his studio. That is not the end of the story, however, because a few weeks later, Burt heard a crying in his back yard. He opened the door to a “pitiful” black cat. The cat was emaciated and oddly had a severely damaged left eye. He took the cat to the vet and was told that the cat would never see out of his left eye again but would “make it through with tender loving care”. No doubt, Burt was just the person to provide that care. At the end of the article, Burt tells that the cat was sleeping quietly on the couch “just under his new friend’s abiding smile far from the darkening, frozen county roads of winter”.

So do you think that it was a coincidence or divine intervention? Whatever it was, I can say that if I were abandoned cold and lonely on a county road, I would wish that Burt would find me.


Murphy’s law has kicked our tails!

We’ve been without the internet since we arrived in Colorado. Thank goodness for Starbucks or my bills wouldn’t have been paid. Definitely in culture shock! For those of you who did not see my last post, my husband and I moved to Colorado from Texas with a rented U-Haul and no place to move in to. We weren’t worried because we made lots of contacts over the past few years and have been doing a lot of research.

That being said, wouldn’t you think that we would not end up leasing a house in an area that has almost no telephone reception and slow internet. We have to use face time and texting and only people who have smart phones can reach us. We just got that ability today. My mother is beside herself because of course she doesn’t use a computer and has a basic phone. I will be the dutiful daughter and drive down the road to call her though.

So who knew that a four bedroom house with a three car garage wouldn’t fit into a 26′ U-Haul, certainly not us. We had to take advantage of our paid up storage unit and add another one in order to empty the house. The U-Haul was packed like a sardine can as was the Subaru I was driving and the Rover that we were towing with the U-Haul. The good thing was that the storage place was close to the house and use of a moving truck was free. Because we dismissed the moving guys we hired to load the U-Haul, we had to find some guys who needed work to help us empty the house and they hauled butt. We closed on the house at 11:00am and were supposed to be out at 2:30pm when funding was made. We didn’t get out until 6:00pm, the house was a mess and the new owners were more than pissed. Don’t get me wrong, I did not blame them and was so embarrassed that I was in tears. Since then we have reimbursed them for cleaning costs so at least that makes me feel better. I have heard of these stories but never experienced it – until now.

We were so stressed and exhausted that we spent the night in a motel. The manager of the storage place was so cooperative that we didn’t have to unload the truck until the next morning. We still didn’t leave town until 8:30pm due to having to sort out what we could do without and reorganizing the truck and storage units. We had to go by my parent’s house who normally are asleep by 8:00 and we didn’t get there until 9:30. My mom was so tired and my stepfather was asleep. Then we had to stop by our son’s house who lived an hour away and they were dead on their feet waiting up for us so they could go to bed. We stopped in a grocery store parking lot about 10 minutes from their house and slept until early the next morning because stress and exhaustion caught up with us again. We both felt that it would be safer to get some sleep.

All the plans we made for preparation of tropical fish and cat, out the window. We had to move the fish in their aquariums in the back floor of my Subaru, thank goodness they are small aquariums. We thought we could use the 110 outlet in the car to run the heaters but nope. Even though we took a disposable litter box, we didn’t recognize the meowing when Yodi had to pee so, yep, he peed in his carrier. We didn’t know why he was going crazy in his carrier or why he was sneezing until I caught a whiff. Duh! Yes, it was a soft side carrier. Thank you Walmart for being open all night and having the same pet carrier, dry cat shampoo and nature’s miracle. You bet we started to recognize the signs that he had to go after that. Apparently, I didn’t do a very good job of cleaning Yodi so when we got to our hotel, both carriers and Yodi had to be bathed. He was actually grateful.😺

I misplaced my debit card on the way so we had to find a bank to replace it (found the card  in the car) and ran the truck out of gas. The bank wouldn’t send the permanent card to General Delivery, insisting on sending it to our last known address. They would give me a temporary card though, go figure. We notified them before we left of our plans so there wouldn’t be any problem using our accounts so it wasn’t like they didn’t know we were moving. Now they won’t use our new address because the people who own the house used a post office box so the post office didn’t recognize the address. We had to install a mail box so we shall see what happens now. Anyway, we then ran out of gas but having two vehicles helped that situation since we had transportation to get some.

We finally made it to Durango, our destination. We showered, ate Domino’s pizza, washed and dried the cat carriers and slept. The next morning, we made phone calls and regrouped but we were in a time crunch since we only had a day left on the U-Haul, therefore, we had to head out to look at rental houses immediately the next morning. Before we even saw the one we leased in person, we had pretty much settled on it. It is a house in the mountains with lots of character and in our price range. So believe it or not, we signed the lease, hired some movers and were in the house in time to turn the truck in the same day on time. Whew!

This weekend we have to make a one day turnaround trip back to Texas to get the rest of our belongings, again working against the clock to get the truck back without paying extra. Oh well…no biggie. Leaving the cat behind to watch the fish this time.

On the trip here, I talked to my mother, again  in tears, about all that had gone wrong. She said, “I know it is stressful now but you will get through it and someday you will look back and laugh.” She was right I did get through it and would do it all again though I am not quite laughing yet.

Danny is a very positive person and he knew it was getting to me so he just kept reassuring me and worked and keeps working to resolve every challenge. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the support and encouragement I have received.

We feel very much at home here and I will write about how we have kicked Murphy’s tail soon.

Good to be back!