I Care


Whether I know you personally or not, I care and this is for you:

Sometimes we do not feel

like we want to feel

what we want to achieve

Sometimes things happen

that do not make sense

Sometimes life leads us in directions

that are beyond our control

It is at these times most of all that we need someone

who will quietly understand us

and be there to support us

I want you to know

that I am here for you

In every way

and remember that though

things may be difficult now

tomorrow is a new day

Susan Polis Schutz

10 thoughts on “I Care

    1. Thank you! We are on the way to El Paso to meet my friend to get Yodi’s bestie, Lyla. Decided to see if Yo need to pee. He broke his collar and went under a tight barbed wire fence. Danny had to climb over and is wearing shorts. No accidents, thank God. He got Yo and we are back on the road.?My friend brought a disposable litter box she is giving us. We took away food and water at 8 last night so he’s probably ok. I hope!😿

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      1. OK now I am pissed. Have you read about Miami Police Officer shooting the therapist who was trying to get his patient back into his care facility? Must read! I’m trying to wait for details but I can’t see how PD will get past this one.

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