Stark Reality

I  have a way of looking at the world through eyes that see past the obvious. In other words, I am a deep thinker. I call it common sense.

In the last Presidential race, there was a lot of voicing the desire for more “excitement” in the media and on the street.  Believe it or not, the consensus was that it had  all become boring. That desire has come to fruition big time and even I have gotten caught up in it.

As I watched the debate last night, I experienced a combination of excitement and dread. I am on a roller coaster! One minute I am elated and the next I am pissed and the next I am overcome with a feeling of sadness. I haven’t decided what I will do with my vote though I know what I won’t do. I have tried to be open minded yet I find myself swayed by the Dump Trump” and  “Trump Dump” campaigns.

I have tried to jump off the “Anyone But Trump” train but when I lean out the door, I find myself back on the top step. It has been said that we are not electing the man, we are electing a leader. I don’t want a leader who is a deplorable man and honestly, I am scared of the future as we get closer to election day. As I write this, I find myself crying for what has been and what could be coming.

When I heard it said that Obama was like Hitler, I thought that it was ridiculous and inflamed rhetoric. I am saying now and I will stand behind my opinion that if the statements Trump throws out are honestly his beliefs, we are in deep trouble. Furthermore, we can kiss the good in the country we know goodbye. I understand the need for moving in a different direction but I don’t think he is the person to take us there.

There is no need to go into all the reasons for my feelings about Trump, we have all seen the evidence over and over and either you see it or you don’t. My pointing out the pitfalls will not open anyone’s eyes at this point. I will say that what I am seeing in most Trump supporters is desperation and while I have compassion for their situations,  making a decision out of desperation is never good.

*The purpose of this post is to express my thoughts and feelings, not to convince anyone else as to how they they should cast their vote in the Presidential race.


Beyond the Political Stage

Oddly, I found myself in tears as I read an article about how the Trump campaign had a plan to have 3 women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual improprieties towards them confront him on national television.

This is not the first time I have experienced this sadness throughout this campaign as I watch the negativity increase. I am very uncomfortable with the cruel remarks thrown at Hilary Clinton. I don’t know if it is because I have read her book and followed her personal life or if it is just discomfort at all she is and is not. I see her downfalls but I am able to set those aside and see her as a strong woman. I cannot dismiss all the positive she has done. There was a time that I saw her as a selfish manipulative woman when she and her husband left the White House taking the furniture with them.

Looking past her sense of entitlement I see the woman who I have found truly loves her husband with all his faults. She has been publicly humiliated so many times and has held her head up and gone forward. She has sacrificed her right to be seen as a mother, wife and friend in order to do what she has the talent to do to help her country and everyone in it.

Hilary is being criticized for the way she has confronted her husband’s infidelity and the women involved but I ask myself what it would be like to be in her shoes. Many women would behave as she did but they wouldn’t be in the public arena.

What do I feel about Bill Clinton? He has also done a lot for our country but he has a sickness that I find repulsive. There was a time that I thought Hilary only stayed with Bill because they had a deal, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” I don’t know if that is the case but I think that she loves him in a way that he is not capable of returning.” Having had the opportunity to show his love for her, he only lifts her up as a humanitarian and politician. He doesn’t show or express his love for her in a way that would show the soft side of her. Has she just been a means to an end? He is like a child who has to be controlled and when he is let out to play, his lack of finesse shows. To me, he’s like the husband of a friend that you just put up with for her sake.

Hilary is in a “no win” situation with regard to her personality. If she shows her soft side, she is too soft to be President and when she shows her business side, she isn’t soft enough. When she missteps, the world is there to see. Am I voting for her? I don’t know but I know that as tempted as I have been with all Trump’s promises, I cannot see past him as a person. I can’t see myself voting for him for anything. I have never admired him throughout my life so why would I support him?

Why the tears? I think perhaps all this brings up the sadness of my childhood involving infidelity and chaos. Additionally, it is because when we dismiss political correctness, we are left with such ugliness and lack of compassion, anything goes. I am starting to see the days of chaos and no credible laws of the Roman Empire returning.

It is my belief that the reason the USA is desirable is that we were at least organized and had a sense of decorum. The Unites States was seen as a strong country and I see it weakening on all levels as every day goes by. When anything goes, will we survive as a united country?


images.duckduckgo.comIf you are tired of untied shoe strings or are getting to the point where tying your shoes is literally painful, Hickies are awesome. Hickies are rubber strips that images.duckduckgo2.comyou insert though your lace holes keeping your shoes closed but flexible. Your shoes go on quickly and easily and give you comfortable flex. My 82 year old mother loves them especially since they are neat and attractive. They come in all colors and can be purchased at Brookstone or possibly on the internet.

18465933-fish-dish--fried-fish-fillet-french-fries-with-vegetablesThis is the way to keep the batter on the meat when you batter fry. Dredge the meat in the flour first, then dredge it in the egg, then back in the flour. I learned this from my brother who says he once worked at a fast food chicken place back in the day when everything wasn’t shipped already prepared to the restaurant. Works really well.

images.duckduckgo.comTo keep from having stinky trash, I put all my meat wrappings and spoiled  vegetables in plastic grocery bags, tie them up and put them in the freezer until trash day. We call it “freezer trash”. 😝

images.duckduckgo.comThe salesman who sold us some of our knives informed me that when you are cutting meat or veggies, use the tip of the knife holding it with your thumb and your index finger on top of the blade as a guide. He says the tip of the knife is the sharpest. I once had to saw everything I cut but now its precise and easy.

images.duckduckgo.comI have a cool glass cutting board that matches my fat chef motif. The above mentioned salesman informed me that glass cutting boards dull your knives. I have changed to silicone boards.

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I found the coolest food bowl for Yodi and he loves it. It can be ordered from Amazon and it is called Dr. Catsby’s food bowl for whisker relief. Cats don’t like deep or confining bowls because they get stressed when their whiskers touch the side of the bowl. Also, stainless steel prevents feline acne from bacteria. It is easy to clean and has a slip proof rubber mat. It was recommended by the Katzenworld blog on WordPress.5187vLWpVuL._SL1165_







Managing Finances

We have a lot of bills, business and personal so I set up an Excel spread sheet that lists the following:

Company/Bank   For   Due Date     Monthly Amt. and /or Amt.   Auto?   Paid/Posted (Posted for Auto)   Ck Acct/Ck Card   Interest Rate   Offer End Date (For interest free credit card promo dates)   Balance   Notes   Availability (for credit cards)

It is organized by date so that we can can be prepared for what is coming up. Annual payments are separated but on the same sheet, so there are no surprises. Before the first of the month, I go online to collect my data and do my updates. I copy and rename last month’s sheet  and update whatever needs to be updated. By keeping the previous sheets, you don’t lose information and don’t have to go digging through your check book or online checking account. Previously I set it up by pay days but now we only have money coming in once a month. I color code the columns to make it easier to read but it also affects the print out so Danny has worked with the settings to make it easier to read. You can also add things at the bottom like checking account balances.

When you are paid once a month, it is necessary to plan output.  By utilizing this spreadsheet, bills get paid first and, if necessary, decisions get made as to what bills will be paid.

After the spreadsheet is updated, I e-mail it to Danny and he takes time to look it over.  We set aside time to sit down together to make a payment plan or at least to both acknowledge where we are financially. As the bills are paid or posted to the checking account register ( in the case of Auto Pays) I post the dates on the sheet.

Because I use the Quickbooks software for our business, I set up our personal finances in it as well. Your checking or savings information can be downloaded  straight from your bank into Quickbooks as often as you like. It is so much easier than trying to keep a paper register and you can code your income and expenses. If you wanted to set up a budget, you have all the information you need. You don’t have to use all the features, I don’t, but what I do use makes my life so much simpler. Also, if you need a personal profit and loss or balance sheet, no problem, Quickbooks does it for you. This has come in handy when working with mortgage companies and banks or applying for credit. It also helps your tax accountant because you can just print out your P & L or Balance sheet for whatever period. You can also track your finances from year to year because the information stays in your computer. It is a good idea to back it up to a memory stick or other back-up device as my computer crashed once and I had to recreate my records. Luckily, it wasn’t necessary for me to recreate from the very beginning so I just input from the first of the current year.