Impeach Donald Trump Campaign

I recently signed a petition to Impeach Donald Trump. I am not advocating that anyone follow in my footsteps, I am just passing along information to anyone who might be interested.

Because I signed the petition on their website, I received the following about the latest development in the campaign to Impeach Donald Trump which reads as follows:

In a unanimous vote, the City Council of Richmond, California, approved our resolution to become the first city to call on Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Trump.

Last night, two more communities just approved our resolution.

The citizens of Alameda, California brought our resolution before their city council, which unanimously supported it. And in Charlotte, Vermont, Town Meeting members voted for our resolution. The momentum is growing, and we are counting on people like you to jumpstart this movement at the local level.

After we announced Richmond’s win, many of you emailed us asking for ways to bring this resolution to your city and state. To get you started, we added a new page to our website with resources and materials to pass a model resolution in your community.

Here’s a quick overview of what we posted to download and share:

A PDF of Our Model Resolution
A PDF of Our Guide for Local and State Resolutions in Support of Impeachment
A one-page flyer about our campaign
You can reach out directly to
New videos sharing campaign news, here
We also shared materials provided by our allies working in Alameda, California. As this campaign continues to grow, we will add new tools for you to use in your own organizing. We are frequently updating our “News & Updates” section and our “Resources” page, so be sure to check back in. Please reach out to us with your progress and any questions you may have.

Here are some suggestions for next-steps you can take on your own:

Look up your representative, decide if it makes the most sense to reach out to your state or local officials. Remember, it’s ok to start small.
Don’t be shy! Connect in person with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, students, religious leaders, family members. Find a meeting place, and start talking.
Follow-Up! Find a way to keep in touch with everyone. Gather email addresses and phone numbers. Create an online group with tools like Facebook,,, Google Groups, and Yahoo Groups.
Keep us in the know! Email us your questions and updates via:
You are so critical to this campaign! If we work together, we can build further pressure on our Representatives to introduce this resolution before Congress.

We’re on our way! Let’s keep it up!

All of us at Impeach Donald Trump Now
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Accepting the Unacceptable

How many times have we heard our parents say, “What is the world coming to?”? Well, I think we have our answer.


  • The truth doesn’t matter any more.

  • Promises don’t have to be honored.

  • We are going against long held beliefs.

  • We are opening up our world to people who want to destroy us.

  • Privacy isn’t a thing.

  • We are allowing ego to take precedence over propriety.

  • Civility is no longer expected.

  • Cooperation is passe’.

  • Respect is out the window.

  • Violence is the new norm.

  • Hate thy neighbor is the new motto.

  • Laws are disregarded.

  • The constitution doesn’t mean anything.

  • Rules – what are rules?

  • Basically, anything goes.

The one thing that remains the same is that “Money Trumps Everything!”

What About Guns Part Two of Two

(Continued from Part One)

Accidental shootings involving children, random shootings and mass killings make me second guess my right to own a gun. I would say that I consider it more a privilege than the right most Texans claim to have. With the privilege comes serious responsibility and I respect that responsibility. In my opinion, there is no reason for “Joe Citizen” to own or use any type of assault weapon. I have had the opportunity to shoot an AR-15 and yes it was fun but I questioned the owner’s right and the wisdom of such ownership. (Yes, I know that an AR-15 is not considered an assault rifle by gun enthusiasts but it’s pretty powerful to me).

I knew a policeman who laid his gun on a table and fell asleep. He woke up to his 2 year old son holding his gun to his head and saying, “Bang Daddy”. What he was thinking to have laid that gun on the table, I don’t know but I have a feeling that alcohol was involved. If a person whose job it is to always be armed and ready can make such a mistake, what of those who want a gun because it is cool?

When I see all this fighting over the “right to bear arms”, I am reminded that a man’s gun has been referred to as an extension of his manhood. I know that is a sexist remark yet living in Texas, you grow up knowing about men and their guns. I do understand that women are also fighting for their right to bear arms.

I don’t think anyone has a “right” to bear arms. I think everyone should have to qualify and be licensed to buy a gun. By qualify, I mean taking gun safety and use classes and show at least a modicum of ability to hit a target. I had to be taught true gun respect such as keeping it in good working condition, how to handle it when not shooting at a target, to properly load my gun, safely clear a jam, shoot at a moving target, shoot while in motion  and much more.

In order to prove my point, I will tell you that I scared my instructors more than once by not paying closer attention to where my gun was pointed while not in use. They got frustrated by my lack of progress and were puzzled as to whether I was just nervous or couldn’t understand the principles. As it turns out, I just had to practice at a gun range with no pressure and I had an “aha” moment where I figured out that I was not properly executing my grip.

We are members of Texas Law Shield, LLP. They are somewhat of a legal assurance  company for gun owners. We carry a card that has a statement to law enforcement officers stating your rights as a gun owner according to the U.S. Constitution and that any questioning must be suspended until their attorneys are present.

Birth Control

Whose responsibility is birth control? I have a controversial opinion on the subject in that I believe it is a woman’s ultimate responsibility to protect herself from pregnancy. Sure, a man should always use a condom in a situation to protect himself from an unplanned pregnancy and/or STD’S. However, I also believe that a man should be able to trust a woman when she says she is on birth control. We have been given a right to choose but men have not. If a woman decides she wants a child, she is free to get pregnant and the man is expected to financially support the child even though he was not part of the choice. How can a man turn his back on his child once it is borne? If he does, he is considered a dead beat dad but often it was not a good time for him financially and he was not prepared emotionally. As long as it is consensual sex, both parties should be in agreement as to whether a pregnancy is an option.

When I hear of celebrity women who get pregnant while in a relationship, I wonder if the man was part of the decision to have a child. The man is a public figure so not only does he not have a choice but to refuse to acknowledge the child becomes tabloid fodder.

I know women who decided they wanted a child and never discussed it with the man and because they were good responsible men, they stepped up though it put them in financial or emotional difficulty. There have been women from generation to generation who have used pregnancy as a “trap”. As Dr. Phil says: “The child is born with a job and that job is to be the glue that keeps the couple together”

Childhood Sexual Abuse – Part One

I binge watched Dr. Phil last night and there were two shows about false accusations. One was a stepdaughter who is lies compulsively and  accused her stepfather of molesting her and one was a woman who accused her child’s father of physical and sexual abuse. How someone can fabricate something so serious and that will adversely affect a person’s life for the rest of their life, is beyond me.

As a survivor, I wish that those women could understand what an insult it is to those of us who truly experienced sexual abuse. My innocence was stolen from me. I never remember not knowing about sex. Imagine that as a 4 or 5 year old or perhaps younger, I knew that my parents had sex and what it entailed. I knew because I had an older boy orchestrate   intercourse between me and my brother when we were approximately 5 and 6. That is a secret I never thought I would write about. But my hope is that it will free me from the shame and anger. About the same time, a girl who went to our church was babysitting my brother and I and she molested me and him, though separately. And then there was my grandfather… I have blocked the details of all but the encounter involving my brother and remember only up to the actual acts. I did tell my mother about all but my grandfather but we have both blocked out the details of those conversations.

Back then, no one talked about it and no legal action was taken which is why so many women and men are coming forward later in life. I believe it was as rampant then as it is now, it was just kept quiet. Alcoholism can be a contributing factor. I heard a saying once, “Scratch and alcoholic and you will find a pedophile.” I am certainly not saying that all alcoholics are pedophiles just that they often go hand in hand.  Which is the contributing factor?  Do pedophiles become alcoholics or do alcoholics become pedophiles?

I have to wonder how someone can see a child as an object rather than an innocent human being. How can a man or woman see their own child as an object to fulfill their deviant desires? How can they believe that because it is their child, they are a possession to be used for pleasure? Then there are those parents who prostitute their children for drug money. Although sometimes it seems that suspicion has gotten out of hand, thank God that abuse is coming to light. Although the internet has encouraged blatant child objectification, it is also exposing the perpetrators.

More and more school teachers are being arrested for child molestation. I have a theory on that issue. Teachers are most often hired straight out of college so they are about 21 or 22 years old. The senior students can be as old as 20 so there isn’t that much age difference, hence the attraction. That, of course, doesn’t excuse the teacher or the student crossing the line but I don’t believe that young teachers should be hired to teach high school. Now when it comes to the older teachers and the garbage they are orchestrating, I am still shocked when it comes to light. Though even when I was in high school there were rumors about gay teachers and students, true or false.

Something of which I became aware when I worked at a police department was that many women will sacrifice their children for the sake of having a man in their lives. Sexual abuse by a boyfriend or husband would be reported and the mother would take the word of the man over her child. Why? Because they were desperate, as many women are, to have a man in their lives. I believe they knew the child was telling the truth but didn’t want to give up the man. Throughout history, we women have been pressured by society, especially our mothers, to get married and have children. It was an embarrassment to our parents if we weren’t  married by a certain age. Being that there were more women than men, there was a scramble to find and hold onto a guy, any guy. Or was/is it hormones driving the desperation? I don’t know but I have seen situations where we women couldn’t see the forest for the trees as evidenced by my last post. The atrocities in the news about the abuse of children by stepfathers and boyfriends make me wonder when we women will wake up. Not to leave the men out of this topic, there are men who look the other way as well, however, statistics show more sexual abuse by men than women.

I want to encourage all survivors of childhood sexual abuse to realize that it wasn’t our fault, we were not objects and to have been used as such was the product of a sick mind. Maybe it felt good and maybe that’s why we block memories perhaps out of some sense of guilt. However, we were children who didn’t understand that it was just a sensation, one we couldn’t control. There was a gained awareness of our body’s sexual reaction to stimuli and that may have added the guilt feelings. We may have even began to seek out stimuli or become promiscuous to duplicate that feeling. We didn’t understand that we were exposed to these sensations before we were equipped with the emotional maturity and knowledge for making responsible decisions regarding our actions.

Though this post started out in disgust for false accusations of sexual abuse, I would like to make the following suggestions based on personal experience and what I have observed. I do not hold myself out as an authority, these are just suggestions:

  • Parents listen to your children when they tell you of inappropriateness.
  • We are not equipped to judge the truth because we are most often guided by our emotions where our children are concerned so get your child counseling by professionals who can get to the truth and they will take action or advise you where to go from there.Be advised that they are bound by law to report their findings to law enforcement if evidence of impropriety is discovered.
  • Watch your children for signs but don’t interrogate, have calm conversations so that your child feels comfortable and non-threatened talking to you.
  • Support them no matter what! You don’t have to approve of what they do and they should know that but they need to know that they have someone in their corner unconditionally.
  • Be honest with them about your feelings, let them know that you are angry about what happened to them but don’t show bitterness.
  • Tell them that the two of you will get through this together, step by step.
  • Don’t rush the process.

Your child’s ability to heal will depend upon your reaction.

Whose Money Was It?

      In a previous post about my Dad, I talked about his being forced out of Continental Can Company and his having joined one of the largest class action lawsuits in history against the company. I talked about how he died several months before his share of the settlement was received. My mother received a portion but not all of his share.  The amount she received was substantial enough to enable her to retire in comfort due to a health issue.  Below is an article from the New York times detailing the cause of action:

May 11, 1989 NEW YORK TIMES

15388037-male-judge-writing-on-paper-in-courtroomNEWARK, May 10— The Continental Can Company developed a secret and sophisticated computer program that it used to deny pension benefits to longtime employees, a Federal judge ruled today.

In a sharply worded opinion, Federal District Judge H. Lee Sarokin directed Continental Can to begin negotiating settlements with about 2,500 Continental workers. Costs to the company could approach $500 million.

”The plan was shrouded in secrecy and executed company wide at the specific direction of the highest levels of corporate management,” Judge Sarokin said in a written opinion.

”It was intended to save hundreds of millions of dollars in unfunded pension liabilities,” he continued. ”The evidence of the plan, its secrecy and its execution comes from the files of the defendants themselves. The documents are more than a smoking gun; they are a fusillade.” End to Other Cases Seen

The case covered 315 layoffs at a St. Louis plant, and 43 of the company’s other 45 plants might be affected.

A suit on behalf of employees at a Los Angeles plant was won by the employees; a suit filed on behalf of Pittsburgh employees is still in litigation. Judge Sarokin said in his ruling that there was no need to hear the other cases against Continental, based in Norwalk, Conn.

”What the judge has said is that this should end all the cases everywhere,” said Robert Plotkin, a lawyer for the workers. ”This is not a case of a class-action suit where plaintiffs each have a claim to $10. What we’re talking here is, you have many former employees who have individual claims worth in excess of $100,000.”

Douglas G. Eakeley, who represented Continental Can, did not respond to telephone calls seeking comment. Layoffs at Issue

The pensions in question were special ”magic number” pensions negotiated in 1977 by the United Steelworkers union for employees subject to periodic layoffs. They were intended to protect employees with long years of service who had not yet reached normal retirement age.

Lawyers for the workers have maintained that Continental management adopted a secret plan to prevent employees from vesting in the costly pensions by laying them off before they became eligible. The judge agreed with that argument.

A Federal pension law, called the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, prohibits employers from taking any action against workers for the purpose of interfering with their pensions.

”For a corporation of this magnitude to engage in a complex, secret and deliberate scheme to deny its workers bargained-for pension benefits raises questions of corporate morality, ethics and decency which far transcend the factual and legal issues posed by this matter,” the judge said.

Mr. Plotkin said the ruling should convince the company to quit dragging the suit on, but that he was not counting on it. ”Continental’s continued efforts to avoid its obligations to those employees any way it can are deplorable,” he said.

Company lawyers had argued there was no secret plan in place, and that even if there were, the employees would have been laid off anyway.