CPAP THERAPY – Trials and Tribs Part Two and Final

My point in writing this post is to let CPAP users know that there is an abundance of mask styles and designs. Amazon has CPAP Therapy equipment and accessories most often at a lower cost than most online providers. I started with’s website for an overview of available masks. I have a provider who bills Medicare for masks and supplies every three months.

Medicare rented my machine monthly for me for however long it took to get it paid for then it became my property. As I understand it, Medicare and all insurance companies monitor usage through the provider to ensure that I am actually using the machine at least 4 hours a night. I have gone more or less than 4 hours and sometimes not at all with no complaints from Medicare.

If you are new to CPAP Therapy, I recommend that once all the apnea testing is done, be prepared with a request for a mask that you feel will best suit you. If one doesn’t work, try another. It was suggested by my provider that I research mask types and designs on the internet (after my initial standard) and let them know which one (ones) I would like to try and they will order them for me. Medicare pays 100% for all my equipment and accessories. Keep in mind that if you don’t like it, you most likely won’t use it.

Please don’t give up. CPAP Therapy may not be perfect but though it is a lifestyle  changer, it can also be life saver. Sleep deprivation affects your quality of life in ways that may surprise you. I love it! Yes, I did say “love“.

CPAP (Controlled Positive Airway Pressure) Therapy TRIALS AND TRIBS – (Part One of Two)

I have been determined not to give up on CPAP Therapy – actually giving up would be a very bad idea for me since I stopped breathing 699 times during my sleep test.

Being a side sleeper creates problems in CPAP Therapy that do not exist for back sleepers. For me Most masks have fasteners for adjustments that hit me right in the pressure points of my temples and face and dig in when I lay down. I have tried to sleep on my back but it didn’t work for me..

As most CPAP users, I have gone through several masks. First I had the Simplus Full Face mask and it irritated my skin, drove my anxiety up the wall and had a hard plastic forehead support.

Then I got the Dreamwear Nasal Pillow which was pretty cool but it has the hose on top of your head and you can imagine the drawbacks there.

I decided I needed a full face mask because I was a mouth breather so I got the Airfit F20 for Her and again the silicone bothered me even though it had soft wraps.  I decided that I did like the full face better.

So I got the AirTouch F20 for Her and liked the face mask because it was memory foam and had a more comfortable surface texture. I used this one the longest but the fasteners are directly on my pressure points and being a side sleeper, I found this painful thus affecting my sleep. I even developed knots in the fascia of my temples that tthe massage therapist was able to work out.

 Because of the way the bottom of the AirTouch mask rested on the indention abosve my chin, it pretty much forced me to breathe through my nose. I decided to try another nasal pillow mask to see if I could be a nose breather though I was intimidated by the pillows that fit up to your nares (openings to the nose).

The thought of having silicone protrusions in my nose kept me from going this route in the past. However, the pillows do not go into your nose they just inflate to fill the openings.  The Dreamwear mask had a pillow that sat just under your nose where Swift FX for her has different nose pillows but the hose attaches to the front of the mask rather than the top of the head.

I am now using the Airfit P10 for her and it seems to fill the bill for me. It only has 2 straps, comes with adjustment clips and the nasal pillows are of good quality qnd fit nicely. It is comfortable and easy to use. I can even put it on in the dark.

(Continued Part Two)


How to Sleep Easier With Your CPAP Machine By John Donovan (WEB MD) Part Three

Learning to Appreciate CPAP


For most people, these devices are the best way to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The challenge for doctors and sleep specialists is to convince the wary that they’re better off with one than without it.

Aside from poor Zzz’s, though, people who don’t get treatment for the problem face a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and other health problems.

But most of the time, Rapoport says he tells his patients they can’t knock CPAP until they’ve tried it.

“I would tell people, ‘Try it. Use it part of the time. Let’s get you to the point where you see the benefits. You don’t have to believe me. You’ll see it,’” he says.

Parthasarathy says many of the people he points toward CPAP do see the benefits, some more quickly than they imagined.


“I had a patient tell me that he felt like he walked across a desert and finally found water,” he says. “I get comments like, ‘This is the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long, long time.’ Or, ‘I have dreams now. And it’s been a long time since I remember having a dream.’”

How to Sleep Easier With Your CPAP Machine By John Donovan (WEB MD) Part Two


Your doctor and sleep specialist can help you make sure everything works and fits as it should.“It’s like wearing shoes. You buy a new pair of shoes, they’re initially going to chafe or hurt you. Or a new pair of glasses — you become very conscious of them,” says Sairam Parthasarathy, MD, medical director of the Center for Sleep Disorders at the University of Arizona. “But after a while, it becomes second nature. You put it on without thinking.”

Noise: In the old days, CPAP machines were clunky and loud. Instead of a whoosh, it was more of a WHOOSH. Some made metallic, clicking sounds.

But that was then. Machines today are smaller, quieter, and much less noticeable. Many brands are near-silent. That’s a bonus not only to CPAP users, but to their bed partners too.

Pressure: Machines have different air pressure settings. Some of them vary it depending on whether you’re inhaling or exhaling. Your doctor will help you figure out the level that’s comfortable for you and helps you the most.

Dryness: Some CPAP users say all that forced air dries out the nose and mouth. Many machines have humidifiers to fix that. Some even heat the moist air.

Trouble breathing through your nose: If you feel stuffed up from allergies, sinus problems, or a physical issue with your nose, you may have trouble using a CPAP machine. But the problem usually goes away when you treat your congestion, whether with medicine, allergy treatments, or sometimes surgery.

“A lot of people have nasal obstruction or congestion and they don’t even know it.” Parthasarathy says. Treatment for those problems makes CPAP work much better for them.


How to Sleep Easier With Your CPAP Machine By John Donovan (WEB MD) Part One

I want to share the following article written by John Donovan and published on Web MD. I have found that using a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine has honestly improved my quality of life. My hope is that this article will help my fellow Sleep Apnea victims to better adapt to CPAP Therapy.

Your doctor wants you on a CPAP machine to help your sleep apnea. You might worry you’ll be tied to a noisy gadget all night with tubes there, a mask here, and straps going every which way.

It can seem overwhelming, says David Rapoport, MD, the director of research at the NYU Sleep Disorders Center. 

“We work very hard to try to get people to be more open to the idea,” he says. “What’s remarkable is, when they try it, they often say, ‘That’s not so bad.’”

There may be some hurdles at first, but they don’t have to be deal-breakers. Once you know what to do, you can sleep well with a CPAP machine.

Get to Know Your Gear

When you have sleep apnea, you can stop breathing, briefly, up to 30 times or more an hour when your airways close or get blocked. CPAP, short for continuous positive airway pressure, pushes air into them to keep them open. 

The machine has a pump that controls the airflow, a tube that carries the air from the machine to you, and a mask that goes over your mouth, nose, or both.

Some things about it may take some getting used to:

Masks and straps: If you’ve never slept with something on your face, it’ll probably take some time for you to wear the CPAP mask without thinking about it.

Most modern ones fall in one of three groups:

  • A nasal mask that goes over your nose
  • A “nasal pillow mask” that fits under your nose
  • A full mask, which covers your mouth and nose 

Among those three main types, there are kinds including:

  • Full-face masks that go over your eyes as well
  • Nose masks with prongs that go into your nose

As long as the mask is sealed enough so that the air pressure from the tube stays constant, the CPAP will do its job. It’s up to you to find out which type is most comfortable on your face, and which straps are best to hold it in place. You may have to try a few different types before you find one you like.



images.duckduckgo.comIf you are tired of untied shoe strings or are getting to the point where tying your shoes is literally painful, Hickies are awesome. Hickies are rubber strips that images.duckduckgo2.comyou insert though your lace holes keeping your shoes closed but flexible. Your shoes go on quickly and easily and give you comfortable flex. My 82 year old mother loves them especially since they are neat and attractive. They come in all colors and can be purchased at Brookstone or possibly on the internet.

18465933-fish-dish--fried-fish-fillet-french-fries-with-vegetablesThis is the way to keep the batter on the meat when you batter fry. Dredge the meat in the flour first, then dredge it in the egg, then back in the flour. I learned this from my brother who says he once worked at a fast food chicken place back in the day when everything wasn’t shipped already prepared to the restaurant. Works really well.

images.duckduckgo.comTo keep from having stinky trash, I put all my meat wrappings and spoiled  vegetables in plastic grocery bags, tie them up and put them in the freezer until trash day. We call it “freezer trash”. 😝

images.duckduckgo.comThe salesman who sold us some of our knives informed me that when you are cutting meat or veggies, use the tip of the knife holding it with your thumb and your index finger on top of the blade as a guide. He says the tip of the knife is the sharpest. I once had to saw everything I cut but now its precise and easy.

images.duckduckgo.comI have a cool glass cutting board that matches my fat chef motif. The above mentioned salesman informed me that glass cutting boards dull your knives. I have changed to silicone boards.

bubba-32oz-envy-s-water-bottle-sangria-casku15657-sangria-1__53939.1447788873.400.400If you like 32 oz. travel mugs but can’t fit bubba-brands-bubba-keg-bubba-big-straws-casku10353-1__68274.1434996484.365.365them into your car’s cup holder, try Bubba stainless steel mugs. Their website has all kinds of goodies. They have packages of silicone straws and bubba-brands-bubba-keg-big-straw-cleaning-brush-casku13737__09951.1421114925.365.365a cool tool for cleaning straws. (



I found the coolest food bowl for Yodi and he loves it. It can be ordered from Amazon and it is called Dr. Catsby’s food bowl for whisker relief. Cats don’t like deep or confining bowls because they get stressed when their whiskers touch the side of the bowl. Also, stainless steel prevents feline acne from bacteria. It is easy to clean and has a slip proof rubber mat. It was recommended by the Katzenworld blog on WordPress.5187vLWpVuL._SL1165_







Childhood Sexual Abuse – Part One

I binge watched Dr. Phil last night and there were two shows about false accusations. One was a stepdaughter who is lies compulsively and  accused her stepfather of molesting her and one was a woman who accused her child’s father of physical and sexual abuse. How someone can fabricate something so serious and that will adversely affect a person’s life for the rest of their life, is beyond me.

As a survivor, I wish that those women could understand what an insult it is to those of us who truly experienced sexual abuse. My innocence was stolen from me. I never remember not knowing about sex. Imagine that as a 4 or 5 year old or perhaps younger, I knew that my parents had sex and what it entailed. I knew because I had an older boy orchestrate   intercourse between me and my brother when we were approximately 5 and 6. That is a secret I never thought I would write about. But my hope is that it will free me from the shame and anger. About the same time, a girl who went to our church was babysitting my brother and I and she molested me and him, though separately. And then there was my grandfather… I have blocked the details of all but the encounter involving my brother and remember only up to the actual acts. I did tell my mother about all but my grandfather but we have both blocked out the details of those conversations.

Back then, no one talked about it and no legal action was taken which is why so many women and men are coming forward later in life. I believe it was as rampant then as it is now, it was just kept quiet. Alcoholism can be a contributing factor. I heard a saying once, “Scratch and alcoholic and you will find a pedophile.” I am certainly not saying that all alcoholics are pedophiles just that they often go hand in hand.  Which is the contributing factor?  Do pedophiles become alcoholics or do alcoholics become pedophiles?

I have to wonder how someone can see a child as an object rather than an innocent human being. How can a man or woman see their own child as an object to fulfill their deviant desires? How can they believe that because it is their child, they are a possession to be used for pleasure? Then there are those parents who prostitute their children for drug money. Although sometimes it seems that suspicion has gotten out of hand, thank God that abuse is coming to light. Although the internet has encouraged blatant child objectification, it is also exposing the perpetrators.

More and more school teachers are being arrested for child molestation. I have a theory on that issue. Teachers are most often hired straight out of college so they are about 21 or 22 years old. The senior students can be as old as 20 so there isn’t that much age difference, hence the attraction. That, of course, doesn’t excuse the teacher or the student crossing the line but I don’t believe that young teachers should be hired to teach high school. Now when it comes to the older teachers and the garbage they are orchestrating, I am still shocked when it comes to light. Though even when I was in high school there were rumors about gay teachers and students, true or false.

Something of which I became aware when I worked at a police department was that many women will sacrifice their children for the sake of having a man in their lives. Sexual abuse by a boyfriend or husband would be reported and the mother would take the word of the man over her child. Why? Because they were desperate, as many women are, to have a man in their lives. I believe they knew the child was telling the truth but didn’t want to give up the man. Throughout history, we women have been pressured by society, especially our mothers, to get married and have children. It was an embarrassment to our parents if we weren’t  married by a certain age. Being that there were more women than men, there was a scramble to find and hold onto a guy, any guy. Or was/is it hormones driving the desperation? I don’t know but I have seen situations where we women couldn’t see the forest for the trees as evidenced by my last post. The atrocities in the news about the abuse of children by stepfathers and boyfriends make me wonder when we women will wake up. Not to leave the men out of this topic, there are men who look the other way as well, however, statistics show more sexual abuse by men than women.

I want to encourage all survivors of childhood sexual abuse to realize that it wasn’t our fault, we were not objects and to have been used as such was the product of a sick mind. Maybe it felt good and maybe that’s why we block memories perhaps out of some sense of guilt. However, we were children who didn’t understand that it was just a sensation, one we couldn’t control. There was a gained awareness of our body’s sexual reaction to stimuli and that may have added the guilt feelings. We may have even began to seek out stimuli or become promiscuous to duplicate that feeling. We didn’t understand that we were exposed to these sensations before we were equipped with the emotional maturity and knowledge for making responsible decisions regarding our actions.

Though this post started out in disgust for false accusations of sexual abuse, I would like to make the following suggestions based on personal experience and what I have observed. I do not hold myself out as an authority, these are just suggestions:

  • Parents listen to your children when they tell you of inappropriateness.
  • We are not equipped to judge the truth because we are most often guided by our emotions where our children are concerned so get your child counseling by professionals who can get to the truth and they will take action or advise you where to go from there.Be advised that they are bound by law to report their findings to law enforcement if evidence of impropriety is discovered.
  • Watch your children for signs but don’t interrogate, have calm conversations so that your child feels comfortable and non-threatened talking to you.
  • Support them no matter what! You don’t have to approve of what they do and they should know that but they need to know that they have someone in their corner unconditionally.
  • Be honest with them about your feelings, let them know that you are angry about what happened to them but don’t show bitterness.
  • Tell them that the two of you will get through this together, step by step.
  • Don’t rush the process.

Your child’s ability to heal will depend upon your reaction.

Helpful Hints Not From Heloise #2

thumb.php     Non-cellulose sponges do not become stinky. I can’t really say “never” but I have had few instances where they began to have a offensive odor. I buy ones that are yellow with a green scrubber on one side at Dollar Tree in bulk packages for $1. Because they are so inexpensive, when they begin to look war-ravaged, I can just toss them and grab another. Sometimes when they are still usable but have an unappealing look from food stains, I will throw them in the dishwasher. If you use the fabric covered sponges or even cellulose, you can get rid of the odor by throwing them in the dishwasher. Don’t freak out on me but I clean my toilets by hand because that is the only way that I feel that they get really clean all over. These sponges are great for that type of job because when I’m finished cleaning, I just toss them in the trash.

Lawry's_Seasoned_SaltTry sprinkling Lowry’s Seasoned Salt on tomatoes and/or avocados for your sandwiches, it really brings out the flavor.


If you like spicy, try a quick dip made of nothing more than cream cheese and Rotel tomatoes. Just use 2 packages of softened cream cheese (can be softened in a dish in the microwave in a pinch) ad one can of Rotel tomatoes undrained and one can drained. Mix until blended, chill for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator and serve with Ruffles prod-main-5potato chips. Seems like you would use tortilla chips, doesn’t it? But actually potato chips taste best. Word of warning: If you use a mixer to blend the cream cheese and tomatoes, be sure to use a very large bowl and mix on a slow setting, splatters like crazy. I have found that hand mixing is best for me. This dip is so popular that I make an extra bowl for my neighbor when we have neighborhood get-togethers. She waits until we all leave her house then curls up in bed with her bowl of dip and a bag of chips.

odorBar_main_large     Have you ever seen that stainless steel bar they sell in kitchen shops for removing food odors (fish, onion, garlic)? It is called an odor bar and it works. I put dish washing detergent on mine and rub it over my hands thoroughly, rinse and the odors are gone. A friend told me that she  doesn’t even use soap. She just rubs it over her hands.

Dermatologist reading a 'Journal of Itchcraft'.     Did you know that simple itching can be spread? If you scratch over and over or for any period of time, the itch will spread from the original spot. For example: I have dry skin. Lets say a spot on my leg will itch and by conditioned response, I scratch it but that doesn’t make it go away. It itches again a few minutes later and it feels so good to scratch that I scratch repeatedly and for longer.  What results is that the itch will move further up and/or down my leg so that it covers a larger area. Every night my husband would catch me driving myself crazy scratching and because I bruise easily, my scratching would leave bruises.  He finally told me that itching will spread so to stop scratching. I looked at him like he was crazy. He told me to ignore it and it would go away in a few minutes. It is not easy to do but it works. He’s a smart guy.


We use Melatonin for sleep and the brand we are using is 21st Century in 10mg strength. Natural remedy for sleeplessness. It is quick dissolve so you just put one or two (we use two) under your tongue and let them dissolve which makes it take affect faster. Its nice to be able to sleep and not have a drug hangover the next day.


25812489-white-vinegar-in-a-glass-bottle-white-background6119306-fresh-lemon-slice-with-water-drops-isolated-on-white     For cleaning your microwave, mix vinegar and water or lemon juice and water in a microwave safe cup and turn your microwave on high for about 5 minutes. The steam mixed with the vinegar or lemon makes for easy cleaning.



To clean your jet tub, put a cup of bleach into hot water up over the jets and turn them on. Let it run for about 30 minutes. It cleans out any mold or other unidentifiable grime and saves you the cost of having to call someone out to clean it.

Pouring bleach down your air-conditioning drain once a month will prevent your air conditioning drain from clogging. If it clogs, it will cause the pan to overflow resulting in ceiling damage.


555x416xUltraLight-Kneeling-Cushion-Large_project_main_image.jpg.pagespeed.ic.7BQLrbxWPTIf you have to kneel on your ceramic or slate tile floor to clean or wrap gifts or whatever, use a garden kneeling pad. Saves your knees from pain and bruising.



When light bulbs go out often, you may be using too high a wattage. We reduced the wattage 21311745-smiling-red-light-bulb-cartoon-character-training-with-dumbbellsof our spotlight bulbs and it really slowed down burn outs.



30422770-gift-bagI love to buy gifts especially for my husband. So when money is tight, I don’t want to skip gift giving. I buy a medium to large gift bag for $1 at Dollar Tree and fill it with foods I know he likes or would like. For instance, for Father’s day I put in Gouda flavored chips, a special cheese I knew he would like, Brookstone dark chocolate covered mango and mangosteeno snacks, a premium blend of nuts and fruits etc. I also did the same thing for my Stepfather who is not very easy to shop for. One Christmas, I went to the Old World Market and bought a variety of foods from other countries. I kept each item under a set amount or sale items so that I didn’t over spend. My stepfather really enjoys this gift.


Peroxide is the best thing for cleaning ears. It bubbles and pops but as a weirdo, I like the bubbling though it does tickle sometimes.😄  Peroxide is peroxide so the brand or price doesn’t matter and it is much less expensive than the ear cleaning kits.


Images:,,,,,,Fiskars website


Managing Finances

We have a lot of bills, business and personal so I set up an Excel spread sheet that lists the following:

Company/Bank   For   Due Date     Monthly Amt. and /or Amt.   Auto?   Paid/Posted (Posted for Auto)   Ck Acct/Ck Card   Interest Rate   Offer End Date (For interest free credit card promo dates)   Balance   Notes   Availability (for credit cards)

It is organized by date so that we can can be prepared for what is coming up. Annual payments are separated but on the same sheet, so there are no surprises. Before the first of the month, I go online to collect my data and do my updates. I copy and rename last month’s sheet  and update whatever needs to be updated. By keeping the previous sheets, you don’t lose information and don’t have to go digging through your check book or online checking account. Previously I set it up by pay days but now we only have money coming in once a month. I color code the columns to make it easier to read but it also affects the print out so Danny has worked with the settings to make it easier to read. You can also add things at the bottom like checking account balances.

When you are paid once a month, it is necessary to plan output.  By utilizing this spreadsheet, bills get paid first and, if necessary, decisions get made as to what bills will be paid.

After the spreadsheet is updated, I e-mail it to Danny and he takes time to look it over.  We set aside time to sit down together to make a payment plan or at least to both acknowledge where we are financially. As the bills are paid or posted to the checking account register ( in the case of Auto Pays) I post the dates on the sheet.

Because I use the Quickbooks software for our business, I set up our personal finances in it as well. Your checking or savings information can be downloaded  straight from your bank into Quickbooks as often as you like. It is so much easier than trying to keep a paper register and you can code your income and expenses. If you wanted to set up a budget, you have all the information you need. You don’t have to use all the features, I don’t, but what I do use makes my life so much simpler. Also, if you need a personal profit and loss or balance sheet, no problem, Quickbooks does it for you. This has come in handy when working with mortgage companies and banks or applying for credit. It also helps your tax accountant because you can just print out your P & L or Balance sheet for whatever period. You can also track your finances from year to year because the information stays in your computer. It is a good idea to back it up to a memory stick or other back-up device as my computer crashed once and I had to recreate my records. Luckily, it wasn’t necessary for me to recreate from the very beginning so I just input from the first of the current year.

Care for Small Aquariums.

      I enjoy caring for my tropical fish, its the least I can do for all the pleasure they bring me. Please know that I do not see myself as a professional. I am offering tips only.

     I have three 3.5 gallon aquariums and a 1.5 gallon aquarium, all community tanks. I have had large aquariums in the past and found them to be a lot of work so I requested the 1.5 gallon as a Christmas gift. Needless to say, I have expanded from there and really like having the smaller aquariums. Yes, it can be tricky to keep the smaller ones especially if you want to add more than two or three fish but they are so much easier to clean. I do a 25% water change at least every other week and a complete cleaning once a month so as long as I don’t overfeed, my tank water stays clear. However, I do keep Cory Cats in each tank for bottom cleaning and sometimes mystery snails.

3.5 Gallon
3.5 Gallon
1.5 Gallon Glow Fish Tank
1.5 Gallon Glow Fish Tank
API Superclean 10
API Superclean 10
Top Fin Siphon Hose
Top Fin Siphon Hose
Fish Net
Fish Net
Algae Removal Pad
Algae Removal Pad
API Stress-Zyme
API Stress-Zyme


API Stress Coat
API Stress Coat

     A big plus is that I have API Superclean 10 power filters on all my tanks. These power filters are awesome and can be purchased inexpensively on Amazon. The filter inserts really do the job and can be rinsed to extend their life. Unfortunately, Petsmart doesn’t stock them in the #10 size but I order them on the internet and mostly get free shipping. It also helps that I have a filtered water system so I don’t have to treat my water though I do usually add some water conditioner for good measure. Using a siphon system purchased from any pet store or even Wal-Mart is best for cleaning the gravel because it removes most of the debris but will leave some of the bacteria which is beneficial to the fish.

     *Here is my procedure for cleaning my tanks:

  • Unplug the power filter and remove it for cleaning.
  • Remove all the decor including live plants making it easier to catch the fish for removal.
  • Place the fish into a bowl with water from the aquarium or water that has been treated for chlorine removal.
  • Scoop out enough water to make it easier and safer to carry and empty down a drain. Carry the aquarium to a sink (I use my kitchen sink but make sure I clean the sink well after I’m through).
  • My siphon system has a bulb making it easier to get the siphon action started. Be sure your hose is well placed in the sink or the force will cause it to flip up and spray out of the sink.
  • Once the siphon action is started, move the tube through the gravel to get the debris to float up and catch it with the tube and it will flow into the sink and down the drain.
  • Keep adding water to the tank to be siphoned out until the water runs reasonably clear.
  • Wipe out the tank with a wet paper towel (they sell special equipment at pet stores but I find this easy enough).
  • Rinse and wipe when necessary the decor and plants except for live plants and/or moss balls. I destroyed my moss ball by unthinkingly rinsing it in hot water.
  • Place the decor and plants into the aquarium in the preferred arrangement.
  • Clean the filter housing and rinse the filter.
  • Place the filter back into the tank but do not plug it in until water is in the tank to the proper level.
  • If treating the water is necessary (consider using distilled or spring water if you don’t have a water filter system), it can either be treated before pouring it into the tank or after.
  • When adding the water, I pour the water slowly onto the larger of the decor so that everything stays where I put it. It can be tedious and I do tend to get impatient but when I do, I have to re-position the decor which is not as easy in a water filled tank.
  • When the tank is filled, I plug in the filter and let it run for about 15 or more minutes.
  • Return the fish to the aquarium.

     They will be happy campers.

*I live in Texas so I do not have to use a heater. If you live in cold climates, the water temperature will have to be taken into consideration before returning the fish to the tank.