At Last


So you know how when you move to a really cool place you think you will have a lot of visitors from home. Well, when we finally quit begging, we have finally started having guests. Actually Purgatory Ski Resort has started to have guests but we are taking what we can get.

Sadly, after our guests head back to Texas, it tends to snow. Go figure. Yet that doesn’t
stop us from boring them with our favorite sites and events. We get so excited to show off things we love about living in Colorado until we see that their eyes have glazed over. Yet we are thankful that they took the time and effort it takes to travel so far.


We loved sharing all the wildlife that we feed with our grandchildren. It is amazing if
you aren’t accustomed to seeing squirrels bicker and tussle on your deck. There are so many different birds with all their crazy needs and antics.




220px-Raccoon_climbing_in_tree_-_Cropped_and_color_correctedWe have raccoons that sneak in onto the deck at night and eat theIMG_0153 bird and squirrel food making sure to destroy the bird feeders. We have resorted to using metal pet bowls for feeding both birds and squirrels. In the past, Rocky Raccoon helped himself to the cat treats in the rounder cabinet. He came through the kitchen window after removing the screen. I supposed the cats revealed the location. They are fascinated but not afraid.


s-l225We gave away all the grandchildren’s toys when we left Texas so the three visiting kiddos had no toys to play with. Kids are resilient though, they played with some vintage glass candy that I had in a dish on the end table the entire time they were here. We also have 9 small aquariums with fish, frogs, and shrimp so that had an entertainment factor. Snow and skiing were an added plus, of course. For the adults we have great restaurant’s and micro breweries. We also hit the hot springs for leisure and relaxation.



DPP_0007 (4)-2

Our youngest daughter is pretty darn amazing. She and her husband were in sync and orchestrated the kids care, entertainment and even cooked and cleaned up after. I do have to give their oldest daughter and her friend credit here for helping with the kids and dishes. They all made everything so effortless.

P3 is here for a month and his mom will be coming to pick him up so we will get to spend a week with her. If we could just get our son and his family here but life keeps interfering. However, it is something more to look forward to.




Our grandson, P3, is visiting for about a month and we are so enjoying his visit. He is five and so handsome and entertaining. We have been anxious for our grandchildren to experience all that is Colorado but with school and cost etc. it wasn’t happenin’. His dad drove him up here for a ski trip and we are convenient lodging. Danny, P3 and his dad went downhill skiing for a dad and pop pop day. He looked so cute in his ski bib, jacket and one of my hats. He wanted to stay home with NeNe but there was no way we were going to let him miss a ski adventure. He told his dad and pop pop that he was not going to ski. His pop pop said, “I’m going to ski.” to which he responded, “I’m going to ski too.”

His father went on a side trip to Denver and most likely will head back to Texas from there. We are making a trip to Texas at the end of March so we will have our little man until then. He is in Montessori School so we are amazed at the words and knowledge that he spouts. But he has always been an intelligent kid, after all his dad is an Anesthesiologist and his grandfather is a brilliant Pharmacist so he obviously inherited the genes.

When we talked to him on the phone, he kept asking if we built him a snowman and, of course, we fibbed and said, “Yes.” and told him it was in the freezer. Danny and I kept reminding each other that we needed to build a snowman before P3 got here but since we had no idea how to go about it, we never did. When he got here, we told him the snowman melted so he needed to build another one. Yesterday I reminded him that he needed to build a snowman and he asked if we had done the “L” word to him about our having built him one. Danny said to me in an aside, “Why did you bring it up?” I just shrugged my shoulders because I have learned that the best way out of lie is to tell the truth. So I told P3 that we really hadn’t built him a snowman, that we were just “joking” and that I was sorry that we had lied. That answer was a “Catch 22” for him because he is always telling fibs and when he is confronted says, “I was just joking.”

He sometimes gets his emotions confused apparently because when his pop pop was teasing him about not getting a toy, he kept saying, “Pop pop you embarrassed me.” Poor Danny Darlin’ didn’t know what to make of that.” but I got it. I corrected P3 by explaining the difference between “angry” and “embarrassed”. Of course, he spent the rest of our day trip telling his pop pop that he is angry with him. DD should be used to it though, he has nine grandchildren. It doesn’t help that P3 keeps telling his dad and his pop pop that he loves me more than them. Makes me feel good though cause he is the only one that favors me over their pop pop.

I got the privilege of taking him to buy a toy, one of my favorite things to do. We spent quite some time on the Leggo aisle. I kept pointing out this one and that one and he would reject them. Finally, I showed him a Star Wars kit that he liked but he would not give me credit. He and his pop  pop put it together last night and he continued to play with it by himself at the table even after we left the room. This morning he informed me that Hans Solo is dead. On an up note, he gave me credit for picking it out with one hand and then added that he actually saw it first. Whatever…

We don’t have kid channels on satellite TV and He keeps telling us that we have to go to the toy store because we have no toys. We had so many toys before we left Texas and what their parents didn’t want, we gave away. So he’s right but the good thing is that he’s not so focused on toys and television that we don’t get to enjoy introducing him to Colorado and spending quality time.

P3 is well mannered, loving, funny, intelligent and mischievous. Works for me!