A Tribute to Toonce and my Blogger Friend Juan (omtatjuan3@wordpress) (tooncestales@wordpress)

There is no greater love than between a cat and his human. It’s an unconditional love that knows no bounds. When that love is mutual, it is such a great gift. It seems you are never alone when you have a cat, though sometimes I wish they would leave me alone.

My friend, Juan, recently lost his best friend, Toonce. Juan lives in an RV in an isolated area, works his ass off, lives (or lived, I am behind on my following) far away from his family and has family challenges he navigates. That tells you a little about the grief he is feeling right now because Toonce was Juan’s best friend. Toonce was a listening ear, companionship, entertainment, comfort, compassion, loyalty, and always there when Juan came home .

Losing any pet is devastating. There are those who say “It was just an animal, for Christ’s sake.”. Those people have no clue. A pet is totally dependent on its owner teaching its owner love, compassion, dependability, selflessness and humility. We have to get over ourselves because we will find ourselves talking  to our pet as if they understand and often they do.

I grew to love Toonce and the relationship between Juan and Toonce. Strange as it sounds, I find myself grieving the loss. Though no cat can replace Toonce, there is another cat out their with its own personality waiting for Juan to claim it. That will be one lucky cat!

Thank you friend for sharing Toonce with us, he will be missed.

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