The Little Red Christmas Tree


     Two years ago, Danny and I bought a 3′ red tinsel Christmas Tree. It was far from our only tree but we fell in love with this little tree. We decorated it with mini lights and mini ornaments of turquoise, green, purple and red. We trimmed it with shiny green garland and put a green star on top. We also added a green tree skirt edged with matching sequins. Not just any green though – the new matte green that I love, love, love. Everything about this tree was proportional. We displayed it on our bar and received many compliments.

Last year when we moved to Colorado, we didn’t decorate because we had just moved and had barely unpacked anything. This year when we started decorating, Danny searched for our little red tree and it was nowhere to be found. I recalled that we decided to give it to one of our children because we thought it might be destroyed in the move. Danny was so disappointed and insisted that we had to find another little red tinsel tree. I searched in the stores and online but was unable to find anything. Every time I thought I had found one, it would be “out of stock” or “not available online” which meant that they never had them. Finally, I found one on and it was delivered before Christmas.  Luckily, we still had the ornaments, lights and tree skirt.

We were both excited when it was delivered and decorated. We placed it on my armoire and I insisted that we keep it lit day and night. At night when I couldn’t sleep, I would look at the sparking red tree and think of how beautiful it is. We have decided not to take down our little red tree because after all, “Every day is Christmas” in the San Juan Mountains.


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