Accepting the Unacceptable

How many times have we heard our parents say, “What is the world coming to?”? Well, I think we have our answer.


  • The truth doesn’t matter any more.

  • Promises don’t have to be honored.

  • We are going against long held beliefs.

  • We are opening up our world to people who want to destroy us.

  • Privacy isn’t a thing.

  • We are allowing ego to take precedence over propriety.

  • Civility is no longer expected.

  • Cooperation is passe’.

  • Respect is out the window.

  • Violence is the new norm.

  • Hate thy neighbor is the new motto.

  • Laws are disregarded.

  • The constitution doesn’t mean anything.

  • Rules – what are rules?

  • Basically, anything goes.

The one thing that remains the same is that “Money Trumps Everything!”

4 thoughts on “Accepting the Unacceptable

  1. As a parent, I’m doubly despairing about the world we’re in. On the one hand, I’m inclined to agree with your assessment; on the other, I’m determined not to accept–for my daughter’s future–that this all represents the new normal. I’m praying this is a pothole and not the road itself.

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  2. During the next four years I plan on mentioning, reminding, nagging anyone and everyone about what is normal. Not in an aggressive way, but it a determined moral way. I may not change the world, but at least I’ll know I haven’t given into all that you listed above.

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