Life Happens

So  much to write about so little time. Wednesdays are tough for me. I work the textline from 10 pm Tuesday night to 2:00 am Wednesday morning. Though I like those hours because that is the time that I am most needed, I have a tough time catching up on my sleep. I drink coffee to stay awake and then it’s a couple of hours before I get to sleep and either have to or want to get up fairly early.


We are moving again so time is precious. The house we rented has sold. We knew it was a possibility going in but the location is so beautiful. Life is an adventure for us since we moved to Colorado and we made the decision not to buy for at least a year. It is coming up on a year and we aren’t convinced we ever want to buy. House hunting was so much fun because there are so many different areas and choices of styles. We ended up renting a wonderful house in an area we said we would never live in because it was so congested. As it turns out, the higher up the mountain you go, the larger the lots.

The House We Live in Now
The House We Are Moving Into
 I never noticed it is the same house.                                 

I bragged to a fellow blogger friend that I was standing up to Danny about not moving into another large house. He has a point though, we have all this furniture and decor that we are unable to use because the house isn’t big enough. It will be nice to have the room and not to feel like we are camping (not really but we definitely scaled back). The house is not much smaller than our Texas house was. It doesn’t have the formals (living and dining) so it is all usable space.


The House in Texas

We will miss the creek the most but the house is on a wooded lot so that is something. Lyla and Yodi may be pissed at first because they love this house and property but they will still have trees and a deck to watch for critters. Yea, no more mice though!



I will not miss this!

I am also looking for a job I can do from home. I have had several responses to applications so we shall see.

As you can see, life has happened after a nice peaceful summer but I am still here.





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