Was I Abducted by Aliens? (Part one)


I wish I was joking but you know how someone will present you with an outrageous theory and you can’t totally dismiss it? That happened to me and like often happens, there is just enough evidence to make it possible.

Like ghosts, I don’t believe in aliens nor do I disbelieve. I just don’t worry my pretty little head about them. One night, Danny and I were watching a documentary called “Ancient Aliens” that talked about the historical artifacts discovered suggesting that aliens have possibly existed since the beginning of time. The program graduated to more current times and offered the criteria that aliens seem to use when they abduct earthlings. Most people who are believed to have been abducted had green or hazel eyes and RH Negative blood type. Now don’t ask me why that seems to be their preference but that is what statistics show. They do not remember the abduction but have a sense that something happened to them.

When I heard green eyes, I laughed and cracked a joke because my eyes are obviously green. Danny looked at me and asked what blood type I have. Honestly, I have no idea never having needed such knowledge. I laughed nervously as it dawned on me that he was serious. This is not the first time Danny has suggested that I was possibly an abductee, no joke. A semi-serious discussion ensued and he pointed out that there is a lot of evidence that can be attributed to me from what he has read. I should tell you here that he is a brilliant scientist who rarely discounts any scientific theories until he has done a lot of research.


4 thoughts on “Was I Abducted by Aliens? (Part one)

  1. This is very interesting indeed! I didn’t know that about the eye color and negative RH factor. My eyes are brown, but I do have a negative RH factor.

    I’m not what you would call an alien enthusiast, but I think there definitely could be aliens!

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