Temper Tantrums Yodi



When we won’t let Yodi out, he meows and goes from one door to the other. When we don’t respond, he jumps up on the couch intentionally to disturb anything we might have laying there (his favorite is my coloring pencils). He then uses me or Danny as a pole vault onto the back of the couch making sure to brush our face, and jumps off onto the floor. He will do this over and over until we basically put him to sleep by petting him, covering him with a throw or taking him to bed that is unless Danny gives in and tell him he can go out for 30 minutes.

Now bed, that is a different routine. When he’s ready to go to sleep, he is ready to go to sleep. He gets pissed if we leave the lights on to read or if we watch TV. He will leave the room and sulk just outside the door until the lights go off and it is quiet. If Danny and I continue to talk after we turn the lights off, he will jump up and leave the room. If he doesn’t have his blankie then he will dig the comforter and when he gets pissed for various reasons, he throws himself down on the bed dramatically. He also walks over my face and jumps off the bed, gets back on the bed and does it all over. If we don’t get up when he wants us to in the morning, he knocks things off the nightstand one at a time.

Poor Poor Yodi😿

12 thoughts on “Temper Tantrums Yodi

      1. Oh, I’m not sure about Mr. Toonce. That may be someone else’s cat. I had two cats in my younger days. One was called Tombie (a Siamese) and the other was Pippin (a mystery). I was very fond of them both, but Pippin was particularly affectionate and was convinced he was a dog, so he used to follow me for walks around the garden. 🙂


      2. Oh my, I am confused ! I thought you and another blogger were the same person. I apologize. It will take me a while to sort it out. You have a son with Schizophrenia right?

        Lyla will go for walks with me down the creek.

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      3. Haha, nope, no Schizophrenia! I do have two sons, but the issues I have to deal with are more everyday ones, like fights over which of them should take charge of the TV remote or who the last piece of chocolate in the fridge really belongs to.

        Don’t worry about it, though. I’ve had all sorts of similar problems keeping track of all the little snippets of information I get from commenters too. It’s the easiest thing in the world to get a bit from here and a bit from there a little muddled. 😀

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