Temper Tantrums Lyla


Nope, I am not talking about children...well….perhaps furry children. I am talking about CATS! Who nu that cats have temper tantrums? Not me and I have had many many cats.

I told my daughter in a letter that Lyla was so sweet and well mannered that it showed how spoiled Yodi is. Then this happened:

One night Lyla slipped out after Danny assured me he was in the house for the night. I worried all night because I couldn’t find him in the house. I called him from outside but he has that cat tendency to ignore. He ended up sleeping outside all night which is not a good thing since we live in the mountains of Colorado where there are beasts such as bears that roam at night and it gets very cold.

The next night when I called him in, he was laying at the foot of the outside stairs happy as a clam. I called him and he ignored me as “His Arrogancy” has a tendency to do. I walked down to pick him up and he walked away from me and sat down a few feet away. I picked him up to carry him inside and he hissed and spit. When I put him down in the house, he threw a hissy fit. He was trying to pull the door handle down to open the door, sniffing at the cracks on all side of the doors, meowing, going to another door trying to get that door open. Yodi gave him the usual butt sniffing test and Lyla hissed at him. Danny kept telling him “No…No…No” and we laughed our asses off. It took a while but he finally settled down. He got a taste of staying out all night like he was able to do in Texas. Last night I had to go through the regular routine of calling him from the front door, then the back door leaving both doors open so he could waltz in. It didn’t take long when it started raining.


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