OMG! WTF! With Update



So I am binge watching Damages last night and happily coloring away while Danny slept. I heard some neighbors outside but didn’t think anything of it until I got a whiff of the air coming in from the open windows.It was bad but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. I ran the gamut from natural gas to dead rat. I woke Danny up and made him sniff and he was overcome by the smell. He suggested it smelled like skunk. Well, I like the smell of skunk (I never said I wasn’t a wierdo) so I didn’t think that was it. Mind you we are new to mountain living.

I decided I should call the cats in because it was getting late and the odor outside was overpowering. I found Yodi below the wrap around porch with something in his mouth. He and Lyla are both mousers and being in the mountain region, there are plenty. Danny found many dead mice in the crawl space under the house. I get really grossed out by mice or rats so I shuddered and ordered Yodi to put it down hoping it wasn’t a hummingbird. He ran in the opposite direction, put it down and started playing with it. Even my flashlight wouldn’t tell me what it was.  I waited until Yodi came in on his own (we leave the door open so they can go in and out). He ate and spoke to me and I thought the smell might be coming from him and wondered if it was from rat killing. I picked him up and OMG, he smelled to high heaven.

I immediately tried to wash him in the kitchen sink and decided that wasn’t the wisest choice. Yodi has only had one bath that I know of and that was when he peed on himself in his carrier. That time he was grateful! I woke Danny up and we did our best to shower him which was not easy as he was scared. He tried to climb on me with his claws in my arm. Danny cuddled and dried him off but he still stunk. Danny said we had to bathe him again and we did to no avail. He was so traumatized that Danny wrapped him up in his quilt and cuddled him up so he would stop shivering. Yes, he slept with us, the things you do for your pets.

Our bedroom and bathroom stinks so sleeping wasn’t necessarily pleasant. Anyway, this morning Danny found a rat whose head had been eaten away and had a puncture in his stomach so we decided that was the smell though it would be unusual for a cat to actually eat a rat. Then I had coffee with our neighbor and she told me that they smelled a skunk last night. A skunk it was and it sprayed part of our deck and our cat. The good news is that my friend tells me the smell will go away in a couple of days! Oh goody…


Yodi still stinks but we love him anyway. We have tried pretty much everything and that two day thing…yeah right! We are slowly getting the odor out of the house but then if Yodi lays somewhere…yep – all over again. It is what it is though and we will survive.🙀

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