From My Mother Part Two

Before I left Texas, my mother gave me the gift of a calendar with these beautiful words to remind me of her love for me, I am now re-gifting them to you.


A mother tries to teach her daughter

to not be afraid to stick to her beliefs

to not follow the majority when the majority is wrong

to carefully plan a life for herself

to vigorously follow her chosen path

to enter into a relationship with someone worthy of herself

to love this person unconditionally with her body and mind

to share all that she has learned in life with this person

If I have provided you with insight

into most of these things

then I have succeeded as a mother

in what I hoped to accomplish in raising you

if many of these things slipped by

while we were all so busy

I have a feeling that you know them anyway

One thing I am sure of, though

I have taught you to be proud of the fact

that you are a woman equal to all men and

I have loved you every second of your life

I have supported you at all times

and as a mother, as a person, and as a friend

I will always continue to cherish and love

everything about you

my beautiful daughter

Susan Polis Schutz

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