IMG_0603Not the bullies you are thinking of, squirrel bullies!

Yodi has no experience with squirrels so he doesn’t know that they are just taunting and that he will never succeed at catching them. They will get up on the tall tree trunks and chatter at him to get his attention then they will come just close enough to where he thinks he might have a chance. When he responds, they scurry back up the tree chattering or more like laughing away at him. He sits for long periods of time waiting for his chance.

Last night, it was getting close to bedtime and the squirrels started chattering. Yodi begged us to let him go out because he was convinced they were calling for him to come play. He came to me first and I told him that they were just bullying him and that he didn’t have a prayer of getting to them. He then went to Danny at the other end of the sofa and stared at Danny with pleading in his eyes softly meowing. Danny said, “No, you are not going out.” I put my two cents worth in and said, “Yodi, they are just bullying you.” and he turned his head around real fast and gave me the meanest “go to hell” look. Then he looked back at Danny as if to say, “Make her stay out of this, please may I go out?”

He didn’t get to go out and this morning he ignored them when they started calling out to him while he was still in sleepy mode. But when he went out, I’m sure they were at it again.

In Texas, the Blue Jays were the bullies to our cat, Cleo. They would swoop down and pull out one of his hairs to use for their nest or just out of meanness. I used to complain to Danny that Cleo just kept walking allowing them to pick on her. He laughed and informed me that Cleo was just playing docile, when the time was right she would turn around and snatch them. Cleo was very street smart.



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