This is Danny’s proof that Yodi needs total darkness when he sleeps. He showed me this picture and said, “See, he has to cover his eyes to block out the light!”


While I have seen him cover his eyes, I think he missed his eyes on this one and his quilt too.

I do have to pass on a story: One morning this week, our daughter called at 5:30 am and woke Yodi. He was so angry that he started digging at his quilt furiously trying to get wrapped up in it so he could have darkness in order to go back to sleep.๐Ÿ˜พ

I have no sympathy since he wakes me up at about that time whisperingย  in my ear and tickling me with his whiskers and if all else fails, he will scream his head off!๐Ÿ˜ฌ

12 thoughts on “Proof

    1. I have had to adapt but it doesn’t matter because I have to get up to pee all night. Yodi hates this for the most part, he will move to sleeping between Danny’s legs. That’s if his Daddy hasn’t covered him up with their quilt. As I said….Oh Lord!

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  1. My dogs like Yodi, except that he’s about 140lbs more fluff, and shows his dissatisfaction by snoring like a pig and stretching out my my side of the bed, in which I then trip on him. Every. Single. Night. But it’s love so what yuh gonna dooooo?!?๐Ÿ’œ


    1. Danny and I shake our heads that we will not move from an uncomfortable position because we don’t want to disturb Yodi. We will snark at the other one “You woke up Yodi!” The worst is when Yodi is curled up against me and Danny turns over, Yodi jumps and bounds over me and leaves me with scratches. I have them all over my body. Danny always says “Oh Baby, you have scratches all over you.” Duh Danny wants a dog but Yodi is so easy that he has backed off the idea. We are always on the go.

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      1. Dogs are very different from cats. They’re very needy kids with big teeth and tiny bladders. I love my dogs, and my cat….but my cat is self sufficient if we want to go on a day trip which I love. Dogs? No no…they have to come along! Sigh

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