A Face a Day

Lucky Wreck

I’ve been experiencing blogger’s block lately, partly because I spend so much time trying to figure out how to craft a post so that it is humorous and uplifting, and doesn’t ruffle anyone’s feathers. This can be difficult  when things get stressful.

My husband is an engineer in the oil and gas industry. When the price of oil dropped, a lot of people in that industry got laid off, and unfortunately, he was one of them. Then, we had a baby. Coincidentally, the non-profit I work for lost a great deal of funding, and has closed for the time-being. Things have been stressful.

But, it’s not the events that matter, it’s the way we respond to them. I have responded to the stress of this situation much better than I think I would have in the past. Had I been faced with this situation 5 years ago, I would have…

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