Hate is Too Simple an Answer

I believe that there is no simple answer to the Pulse shootings and don’t believe that hatred has a place in coming to terms with the shooter’s actions. Anger? Yes! But I do not see hate as really responsible for his decision to do what he did. I think that ISIS or IS or whoever has glorified such actions and people who are mentally ill, vulnerable, need to “be somebody”, to belong or have a need for excitement become willing victims and that is what they are,Β  “victims”. Perhaps they have a deep seated anger that finds its release in acting out this cause. Sure, it could be mind control but a person would have to have a need to seek out or listen to such rhetoric.

I have been reminded that Islamic terrorists were raised from birth to have this hatred and belief that we are the enemy and an evil nation. My feeling is that these are not Muslim people, they just picked a cause, any cause would do. They are children playing “war”. They are weak, not strong. Ask yourself why they suicide and who is left standing. Why is it that their leader is not willing to suicide but is able to convince their followers to take their own lives?

Somewhere, somehow a spark was placed in this shooter’s soul and fed until it ignited into a firestorm. His father can deny any responsibility and his wife can deny support of his cause but I cannot accept that this man just woke up one day and decided to become what he became. However, whatever took a hold on his soul, he is still responsible for his actions. He still had a choice.

Did he have gay leanings? It is possible that he was trying to destroy anything representing that part of himself but I just don’t believe it was the impetus. He was so determined to call attention to his actions that is seems more that egomania and/or mental illness was at play. It would seem that he was a rebel looking for a cause since he has no apparent ties to ISIS or IS.

In no way am I minimizing the result of his actions! I just choose to look deeper than hate in search for an answer as to how we stop this madness.

15 thoughts on “Hate is Too Simple an Answer

  1. I know…there is so much info that keeps coming through the media…it’s entirely overwhelming. I have many thoughts from my own perspective about the politics of it (which I think, we are one in the same πŸ‘πŸΌ) but making a post Dooley on that alone seems off putting still. You’ve approached it beautifully! I too wonder about his sexuality. Possibly shame. It’s tragic, such loss, but I digress…his own life was also by the sounds of it, and no it’s no excuse or taking away from the evil actions he chose. While the media has grossly misinformed the public about the gun issue (including which type he used) I believe there needs to be changes, but right now let the families grieve, and begin to heal yuh know?
    Ok I’ll stop now! Love you!

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      1. The shooter that murdered those beautiful humans used an AR-15, which is a semi-automatic rifle (one trigger squeeze one shot, and only one bullet.) but the media, activists, story hunters-say it was an automatic assault rifle. (Squeeze trigger and so long as it stays in play bullets keep shooting from gun). I am not pointing this out because I’m trigger happy, though we own several guns. And for the record I think rules/regulations need changing when it comes to to owns a gun…I bring it up the media gets so many aspects of so many stories wrong. I just wish they’d let the investigation finish before they report on what ifs and grieve with the families, celebrate the beauty those that passed have the world….then we can deal with the ‘everything else’

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      2. How could someone kill and harm so many with one shot or do you mean one shit at a time? My ex had an AR-15 and I shot it but don’t remember details.

        When I got up this morning, Danny asked me to re-dos spreadsheet for him and his siblings. His brother has been making payments to his siblings to buy their mother’s house. His oldest brother has been keeping track if that’s what you want to call it., lol Long story short I just finished. Worked on it from 10:00a to 9:00p.,I am a perfectionist and had to reformat and add formulas. I am dead on my ass!😳

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      3. A semi automatic is one trigger pull, one bullet. They kill so many because they/him train to. Because they learn how to aim, and are familiar with the weapon. Where a sense of fear is, there is time to reload. And though it’s one bullet, there are magazines for the gun that can hold upwards of 100, but you can buy a magazine that holds as few as 10. So less reloading.
        As for the spread sheet-better you than me Hun. My OCD requires patterns LOL. Congrats on finishing it! Your ass is t dead, it needs a drink and a hot bath…maybe a rub down! Hahahaha! Danny owes yuh! Wink wink 😝

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      4. How does the e-mail thing work? lol I sometimes avoid things I don’t understand. Do we have an e-mail address at WordPress? Would really appreciate your guidance. I would love to e-mail.πŸ€—

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