images.duckduckgo.comIf you are tired of untied shoe strings or are getting to the point where tying your shoes is literally painful, Hickies are awesome. Hickies are rubber strips that images.duckduckgo2.comyou insert though your lace holes keeping your shoes closed but flexible. Your shoes go on quickly and easily and give you comfortable flex. My 82 year old mother loves them especially since they are neat and attractive. They come in all colors and can be purchased at Brookstone or possibly on the internet.

18465933-fish-dish--fried-fish-fillet-french-fries-with-vegetablesThis is the way to keep the batter on the meat when you batter fry. Dredge the meat in the flour first, then dredge it in the egg, then back in the flour. I learned this from my brother who says he once worked at a fast food chicken place back in the day when everything wasn’t shipped already prepared to the restaurant. Works really well.

images.duckduckgo.comTo keep from having stinky trash, I put all my meat wrappings and spoiled  vegetables in plastic grocery bags, tie them up and put them in the freezer until trash day. We call it “freezer trash”. 😝

images.duckduckgo.comThe salesman who sold us some of our knives informed me that when you are cutting meat or veggies, use the tip of the knife holding it with your thumb and your index finger on top of the blade as a guide. He says the tip of the knife is the sharpest. I once had to saw everything I cut but now its precise and easy.

images.duckduckgo.comI have a cool glass cutting board that matches my fat chef motif. The above mentioned salesman informed me that glass cutting boards dull your knives. I have changed to silicone boards.

bubba-32oz-envy-s-water-bottle-sangria-casku15657-sangria-1__53939.1447788873.400.400If you like 32 oz. travel mugs but can’t fit bubba-brands-bubba-keg-bubba-big-straws-casku10353-1__68274.1434996484.365.365them into your car’s cup holder, try Bubba stainless steel mugs. Their website has all kinds of goodies. They have packages of silicone straws and bubba-brands-bubba-keg-big-straw-cleaning-brush-casku13737__09951.1421114925.365.365a cool tool for cleaning straws. (Shopbubba.com)



I found the coolest food bowl for Yodi and he loves it. It can be ordered from Amazon and it is called Dr. Catsby’s food bowl for whisker relief. Cats don’t like deep or confining bowls because they get stressed when their whiskers touch the side of the bowl. Also, stainless steel prevents feline acne from bacteria. It is easy to clean and has a slip proof rubber mat. It was recommended by the Katzenworld blog on WordPress.5187vLWpVuL._SL1165_







9 thoughts on “HINTS NOT FROM HELOISE #3

    1. Great minds…. I love the straw cleaner. I put my acrylic double walled in the dishwasher duh….It collapsed! It wouldn’t fit in my car cup holder anyway which was a pain but it was the only one that I found in the store to hold all my homemade frappacino. I went online to the Bubba store and bought the one shown in my post. It is awesome! Danny is jealous.

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