Blogging Dilemmas

I started blogging by the seat of my pants. I wanted to start a blog for quite a while but didn’t have the confidence to even figure out how it worked. My friend, Amy (Lucky Wreck at, who is a design wizard helped me to set it up and figure things out and I will be eternally grateful to her.

No one, of course, could help me with my content because I am one of those people who stubbornly want figure it out for themselves. There were and are people who could have guided me but I wanted the experience of developing my style on my own.

I think I am somewhat successful but I know I am making some mistakes so I am reaching out to those who have “been there, done that” for their “opinions”. Please offer your suggestions and/or relate your experiences.

  1. Content – I am all over the place on my content. I think it works because “variety is the spice of life”. For example, if I publish only posts with serious topics, my blog could become depressing. But do readers depend on certain blogs for specific topics?
  2. Personal Content – Much of my content is based on personal experience as a way of offering strength, hope and experience. Can it be considered self serving?
  3. Graphic Content – I don’t think I am too guilty of this but I do slip some questionable words and details in. I have a warning in my “about” but is that enough?
  4. Length – O.K., I know that I am guilty of lengthy posts. I have attempted to make some changes by doing longer posts in parts and by using shorter paragraphs and watching for run-on sentences. What are some guidelines?
  5. Topics – Often I read a post and the topic piques my interest and rather than dominating someones post by going on and on (o.k. I am not real good at that), I will write a post on that topic going in a different direction. Is that stepping on someone’s toes?
  6. Competition – I am not competitive by nature and will not follow someone who complains about someone else “stealing” their topic. Nor will I follow someone who continuously comments on how many followers they have. I rarely read my stats because positive feedback from a few readers means more than having hundreds of followers. Am I  too narrow minded on this topic?
  7. Piggybacking – I will from time to time re-post an interesting or touching post on my website. I have stopped following some writers who only do re-posts of other writer’s posts. However, perhaps I am being unfair in wanting to dictate what someone else posts even though I have a choice as to whether to read their blog or not.
  8. Comments – I once responded to a post by way of “comments” by relating a personal story with a humorous twist. The blog owner came back with what appeared to be a sarcastic remark that led me to think they were offended. I apologized and asked to have my comment removed so that it wouldn’t offend anyone else and was told that “it was really no big deal”. If the comment were serious, it would seem to be a very big deal. I stopped reading and commenting on their blog for a while and wallowed in guilt and embarrassment. Since then, I have discovered that the blogger has a tendency to be sarcastic by nature. Was I over-reacting?
  9. Relating stories or giving feedback – I asked for and received some helpful guidance on the topic of relating personal stories and experience in response to someone else’ blog. It was suggested that I inquire as to whether feedback and/or personal experience would be helpful to the originating blogger before jumping in with both feet.
  10. Follows – I find it difficult to read every blog I follow so I try to skip around in order to be fair. Is this typical?

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