Ahhhh… Finally


     We finally got our furniture in and organized! Danny found a couple of college guys on Craig’s List and they were so great. We found them to be much more careful, amenable, polite and helpful than the professional movers we hire previously. Then one of the locals was finally available to lend his trailer and he and another man helped  move what was left of heavy stuff. Danny and I finished up.

     While we were getting settled, the new realtor needed to take pictures so we had to get the house ready for acceptable photos. On the night that he came by to get the pictures for their website, he brought his wife. She and I visited and enjoyed each others’ company. When they got ready to go out to dinner, they invited us to go along. It was a really good evening out and we vowed to do it again. A week later, there was a tour of realtors viewing the house and I, not for the first time, wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. We knew going in that the house was for sale and have contemplated buying it ourselves but the reality of possibly having to move according to our 45 day notice in the event of sale clause, was a downer. However, I realize that renting is like being a gypsy and was part of the plan so we decided to just enjoy whatever comes along.

     We are finally close to living normal days. We are still kicking tires for houses to buy or rent, just in case. We also are finishing up collecting monies from the previous property manager. We thought we would have to fight for reimbursement of high electric bills but we didn’t. We reported that the water softener system had a leak and the pump was continuously running to the property manager (wantabe) shortly after we moved in. He hemmed and hawed basically because he knew nothing about water softener systems. Danny finally had to explain directly to the owner, for the property manager, what was happening and the owner authorized a new system but it was not installed until after we moved out. Meanwhile, we were getting high electricity bills and thought it was because we were using the baseboard heat rather than the fire stove. After talking to the plumber and electric company when our bill did not go down after discontinuing use of the heater, we found out that the pump running was making our bill high. Luckily, when we were moving out, Danny explained to the property manager and we were reimbursed for $400 of our electric bills. Now we have to collect for the propane that remains in the tank and our deposit today.

     Yodi loves the new house and property once we got furniture. It looks like his best friend, Lyla, is coming to live with us in a month or so. I can’t wait to see them together again. We laugh every time Yodi jumps up on the window ledge of the picture window and asks to be let in. He hides in the grass thinking the dog next door can’t see him. The dog sees him and circles round and round Yodi before jumping at him making Yodi take off for the house. I am hoping that they will eventually make friends but Yodi is such a scaredy cat.

     We have accomplished the things we agreed to do for the owner in lieu of paying double rent when he asked us to move in before our other lease was up. We had to burn branches that Danny trimmed off the trees and stumps of wood. It was a bit nerve wracking for me because there is a fear of forest fires and embers would fly into the stumps near by and had to be sprayed with the water hose. We were burning at the water’s edge so that was at least something.

     We are now enjoying sitting out by the creek watching Yodi explore. Spring has arrived and the mountains are green. The aspens have finally leafed out and it is nice to see the leaves shimmer and hear them rustle. They almost sound like a soft wind chime. The leaves are rounded and very thin so when a breeze blows they shimmer rather than blowing flat like most tree leaves. The wildflowers are coming out also and are so different from Texas though I have found that the national flower of Texas, Bluebonnets, grow here. Everywhere we go, we meet people who moved here from Texas. Our neighbor, my hand surgeon, wait staff in restaurants, retail store employees… Danny keeps singing “All my exes live in Texas.”

Well, that’s it for our moving experience! Thanks for following along!



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