Good Morning

I got up this morning and the bedroom was nice and cold the way I like it when I sleep. WeIMG_0512 are renters and are only allowed to open windows on one side of the bedroom. There are two skylights that open but the owner (who has a mental illness that I will not name to avoid offending anyone) will not allow us to open because he is afraid they will start leaking. In order to get the room to the sleeping temperature I prefer, I opened two windows downstairs. When I went downstairs, it was 50° and I am hoping that Danny sleeps really late this morning. He lovingly tells me that I cause him an Yodi to freeze and I haven’t washed their quilt since we moved. We have a down comforter that seems to do the job but Yodi will not get under it, he will only sleep under his quilt. His little ears get very cold to touch but he takes turns curling up with one of us and then the other. He is an equal opportunity cat.

I turned on the radiant floor heating but it takes a while to get up to temp. When the day warms up, we are suffocating and it takes a while to cool down. Aaaah mountain living… IMG_0172In an earlier post, I wrote about sleeping on the floor on a mattress when we couldn’t get help moving our furniture. We knew nothing about this type of heat and kept turning it up because it didn’t seem to be working. In the middle of the night, Danny and I started accusing each other of being hot (not in a sexy way) and crabbing for each other to move over. We are used to sleeping on a split king bed but have always been happy to crowd into a smaller bed. Yodi was nice and comfy which should have been a clue. As it turns out, the heat doesn’t kick in until the water heater reaches temp and the water heater had been turned off so it took a while for that to happen. The heating had kicked in and was radiating through the mattress.😆

I don’t understand why I cannot have privacy in the bathroom but Yodi feels a need to 5b70f2f6b53ba55c8422cdac5a3951f2.thaccompany me. If the door is closed and he is on the other side, he will meow until it gets opened for him (if that is possible). So I am reading posts and he puts his paws on my leg. Aww how sweet you say, not when his feet are ice cold.

On to the kitchen to make my frappacino which is nice and easy with our Nutribullet and FullSizeRendersaves a lot of money on Starbuck’s. I had forgotten that we had to remove all the food from the cabinet for Danny to repair the rotating shelves. I dealt with returning the food to the cabinet and made my coffee with Yodi yelling for his treats (Yodi is a cat by the way). After he had his treats, he was ready to go outside.


Finally, I can sit down to write with my frappacino, my furry red throw that I took back from Yodi, on the reclining sofa with my laptop securely in my lap. Damn, images.duckduckgo.commy glasses are dirty and I don’t want to get up to find the glasses cleaner. I use my nightie and the throw over and over to remove spots that disappear in one spot only to appear in another. When I am settled in with my laptop, I will use any excuse not to get up and the same goes for when Yodi is on my lap. Basically, I am just lazy. I am comfy and it is nice an quiet with the IMG_0519exception of four aquarium filters running. I forgot to feed the pPETNA-5162489_main_t300x300fish! Oh well, they will just have to wait. I can see the creek running from my spot, the aspen trees have finally leafed out, the mountain side is covered with green pines, firs and aspen and the grass is so soft and green. This is definitely the life for me!


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