Be Kind to Yourself

Why do we treat strangers and our families better than we treat ourselves? Be kind to  yourself today!

  • Ask for help.9319250-two-young-business-people-talking-and-discussing


  • Craft



  • Take a walk in the park alone.Featured Image -- 1615



  • Read a good book for an hour.

  • Watch a silly television show.




  • Spend time with your child doing something you both enjoy (just the two of you).


  • Have breakfast, lunch or dinner with a friend.



  • Take an extra 10 minutes in the shower just enjoying the spray on your face.



  • Buy yourself a wonderful herbal shower gel.


  • Have a date night.



  • Do nothing for a half hour.



  • Don’t think about any problem for 20 minutes.



  • Take a nap.


  •  Go Window Shopping


  • Spend the night alone or with your spouse in a hotel just because…

Historical Galvez Hotel Galveston, Texas

  • Give yourself a hug.

No guilt! We all have a “child within” who needs to feel special. You will be surprised at how 22673131-child-with-gift-box-near-white-christmas-tree-isolatedhow much more relaxed and happy that child will feel. You don’t need for someone else to give you a gift, give it to yourself. Let yourself know that you care. Sound silly? That is because it is outside your comfort zone. Inside your comfort zone, you 

  • Put yourself last!
  • Worry about what others will think!
  • Are waiting for someone else to show you appreciation!

Martyrdom is not attractive and your life is passing you by.



So take a ME day, you deserve it!


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