I cannot stay quiet any longer! I know, I know, I am never quiet but I have not expressed my opinion here about what I see happening to our country, needless to say TRUMP!

Does no one see what is happening? Does no one see that a dictator is arising? Does no one see that he is preying on the desperation of citizens of the United States? Inciting riots? Yes, actually there are those who see and have the ability to stop this egomaniac but they are so steeped in being THE political party that they are supporting him. He doesn’t believe in the principles of the Republican Party, he just found a venue for his outrageous behavior.

I realize that I am preaching to the choir but I have a need to voice my feelings. I am not a fearful person, very little can scare because I am a realist. This has me fearful! Watching this egomaniac get more and more outrageous knowing that he is preying on people who are desperate for any change in their circumstances is frightening. I hate to make comparisons because there have been ridiculous comparisons of Hitler to persons who are in no way similar but I am going to here. I was at an airport once when the Maharaja Gee who was 14 and believed he was the new God and represented himself as such. His followers at the airport to greet him were obviously people who were desperate for any type of love and support. I will not describe the young people I witnessed as his followers but suffice it to say they were young people who needed someone to believe in and someone to believe in them. Am I wrong to think that these young people needed to believe in any miracle? I see the same scenario with Trump.

it said that the followers of Trump have a need to be victims, that they have been raised to be victims and have lived as victims all their lives. I can see that in many of his followers but what of the politically savvy?

You know, all it takes is a little common sense!


2 thoughts on “WTF

  1. Amen, Patricia! I, too, am terrified about the consequences of what America’s future might be. I’m not really a fan of anyone running this year (painted by various media as an idealist, an opportunist, and a racist), but trying to “unite” a country by isolating, separating, and inciting violence against certain groups of people (be they peaceful protestors or even angry opponents) seems to forebode danger.

    I truly hope America looks not into its fears but into its conscience to decide its future.

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  2. Noooo kidding. For the life of me, as a Christian woman I DO NOT understand why more of my ‘type’ are on his team. It makes me sick to think that our republic will be run by a man that has enough personal funding to sway an allied nation or government official.


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