Is it just Me???

There is no accounting for taste!

In the previous house, I had to live with this:


I requested permission to replace these cabinet handles but was told I would have to put them back when we moved out. Unfortunately, to Danny’s delight they are glued on. Oh there are more in different styles but to me this is the most offensive. They are all elk horn but I get the feeling they sneaked in elk penis. Can you imagine having to look at this every day, much less touch them. On a funny note, we happened to get into a conversation with the guy who makes these abominations not knowing who he was. As he is walking away, someone called to him and he told them he had to go make elk handles. It was fortunate that while we were talking about the differences in Texas and Colorado (he too was from Texas as everyone here seems to be), I didn’t mention the hideous handles.

Yea 👏 👏👏we don’t have to deal with them any more but…wait for it….


Now this! Needless to say, my formal dining room table has to live under this monstrosity because I have no other place to put it. I would have used the breakfast table but then where would I put the dining room table? We tried to politely ask the owner if we could replace it at our own cost but he said it had to stay because he believes that it will “sell” the house. I think it might sell the house “down the river”. The wagon wheel is supposedly from some war or other.

O.K. I get that what we call a “house” is considered a “mountain cabin” and I can live with the horseshoe decor but in my opinion this is definitely “personal taste”. However, when I showed the picture to my daughter-in-law, she really liked it. My sister-in-law suggested this as a replacement:


Uh no…

49908225-auckland--dec-25-2015-moose-taxidermy-the-last-proven-sighting-of-a-moose-in-new-zealand-was-in-1952When we were looking at property in the Texas Hill Country, most of the houses we looked at had dead animals hanging on the wall. Oh, I’m sorry I meant “trophies”. I kept asking if the dead animals came with the house. I was assured that they didn’t.

I think I would have preferred this:


This was my dining room in Texas:


I wouldn’t want to go back to that lifestyle though. I am much happier with the more relaxed simple lifestyle, we just don’t want to part with our furniture that we worked so hard to choose. Can’t we have both? We made a sitting room with our formal living room furniture in a spare bedroom and some furniture is going into the bunk room but our formal dining table is an orphan. We were able to use it in the old house as our every day table but we haven’t set it up yet here. I think if we throw a table cloth over it, we will be fine. Really, who cares?


I guess I just like what I like and others like what they like and when you are renting, you take what you get. I love the uniqueness of the mountain “cabins” but just would prefer that they be a little less “cutesy”. Am I a snob?





9 thoughts on “Is it just Me???

  1. I’m all in with you on the dead animal and mining decor. That’s six kinds of crazy in one pair of pants. I lived in Colorado for some time and spent much of it in the high country but I never got used to the hides on the furniture or antlers-anything. Makes about as much sense as a necklace made out of turkey wishbones and feathers.

    Now that I’ve said that, it’ll probably show up in some jewelry shop in Breckenridge, in platinum.

    Just grab a pliers and switch out the entire pendant chandelier while you’re there. It’s easy: a couple wires, a few screws, and you’re done. I did it at my current place, because there was NO WAY I was going to stare at that 1960s cheap etched glass crap and be forced to dust it to boot. The day it returns is the day I move out.

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    1. We have been forewarned that the chandelier stays and the owner is a bit over the edge due to an accident which resulted in his being in a coma for 2 weeks. Changed his personality not for the good. He doesn’t get a long well but likes us and we treat him with kid gloves. Should we decide to buy, it will be the first to go. Thanks for the support.😆

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      1. Wagon wheel is from some war, Civil War? That’s the only one that makes sense. The owner told us but I cannot remember what he said. He’s a real war buff. Built monuments from rocks to commemorate two different wars. He has a bit of a problem due to having been in a coma for two weeks. Apparently his personality changed and he is difficult for a lot of people to get along with. His card says he is an artist.

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