Ahhhh…. Part Two – Yodi



Yodi has been freaked out because of all the disarray and he can’t find his favorite furniture. 🙀When we first brought him here, he slipped out the door and headed down the street and Danny had to chase him down. Then we accidentally left the door open again and he took off and Danny had to catch him again. We have been very careful since.😾

POOP SCOOP – He pooped on the carpet in the sitting room corner. This is something he never does but his litter box was located in a storage closet where Danny had some things hooked up so there was an array of tiny lights.💩 We moved his mat and litter box into the hallway and he was using it fine. It is back in the closet minus the lights which is o.k. since he is accustomed to having it in a utility closet so all is well in his poop world.😽

He was up and down all night the first night, crying. 😿All day yesterday, he slept under the covers on the mattress. Apparently, he likes the warmth and darkness but he barely moved. I was convinced that he was depressed.😿

This morning while I was working on a post, it started to get cold in the house. I looked around and didn’t see Yodi. He waltzed in a little while later nonchalantly from the front door area.😼 He smelled like a sweaty little kid the way he does when he’s been outside.😸 I checked the front door and it was open. It was actually a relief that he had been outside on his own because we were too protective to let him go out without a harness and leash. When you put a harness and leash on him, he just sits down and won’t move.😾So now he is in and out and seems much happier.😺

There is a chance that his best friend, Lyla, will be coming to live with us. I am so hopeful! Lyla’s mom, my friend, is moving to Austin and is afraid that Lyla will not adapt to becoming an indoor cat and I agree. 😾My friend and her daughter are sad at the idea but my friend knows that it would be really good for him.😻 Yodi and Lyla were more like kids than cats when it came to each other. Lyla would literally knock on our door for Yodi to come out. Yodi gave Lyla a tour of our house in Texas. When we moved, both cats continued to look for each other.😿

I am keeping my fingers crossed! 


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