Ahhhh….. Part Three Getting Settled



This creek is in our back yard.

Still no furniture! The guy that Danny engaged to move the furniture never showed up and never called. We have now moved everything we can without some muscle help. It is giving us time to get things sorted out and organized. We continue to sleep on a mattress on the floor but it is surprisingly comfortable. Another guy is open to helping us for the second time. There seems to be a commitment to partying every weekend. Yesterday, he thought he would be helping and offered his truck and trailer. Today his band is playing across the creek from us. We can hear the music! He told Danny this afternoon that he should be able to do something. Contractors here are very independent. They do what they want, when they want, if they want. No sense getting uptight.

I am so anxious for normal everyday living but I am trying not to think ahead. I know that day will come. The house is actually up for sale which is wearing on me a bit. We signed a lease for a year with a 45 day notice if the house sells. The owner really likes us and is hopeful that we will buy; he even offered to owner-finance. We love this place but are not ready to make that kind of commitment. We have the house rent-free for the rest of the month because Danny has offered to do some work on it. That is why we still have the other house for the rest of the month. Thank goodness because our furniture is still there. On one of our trips back to the house to get another load, we discovered that someone came while we were gone and cut off all the tulips that bloomed. Who does that? Actually, there are so many plants bunched up that I have been tempted to bring a few of them over  to this house to plant. However, they aren’t mine to take so I won’t.

The other house had an old house smell and something else that we couldn’t pin-point so I am glad to get into a house that after being aired out, does not smell. Well, there is one room that appears to be very old like the one we just moved out of. It is a really cool room with built in shelves and a desk. It also has a loft with a ladder so that our grand kids can sleep up there. It has a strong old wood smell but it may be because a rat obviously died under the house at it’s door to the outside. I think it will be fine once it is aired out. We also have a bunk room attached to the garage which we are setting up with a bed, air hockey table, refrigerator, and microwave for the grand kids.

In July, our Houston Land Rover Club is coming up for their annual off-road adventure and camp out for a week. We will able to join them since they will be at a park about 45 minutes to an hour from here. We are hoping to get a ride up here for the oldest four grand kids from 7 to 13 with someone. We will have to make sure there will be space in a rover for them to go off road. I would kind of like to have them here at the house though. We will see. We miss our kids and grand kids. We want so badly to be able to share our new life with them. Hopefully, Christmas can be here and there will be a white Christmas.

13 thoughts on “Ahhhh….. Part Three Getting Settled

  1. I swear I’m trying to catch up on all your posts! I have been reading them as I can.
    The house is beautiful btw! And so glad you have Internet….but no furniture? Are you posting from your mattress? 😉


    1. We did bring dining room chairs and I’m using a wicker patio table now but before that it was mattress and me. Very uncomfortable. But you just reminded me that we do have our wicker furniture in the bunk room. Duh! I’m glad you asked.lol take your time catching up. I had to search for yours I was so far behind and haven’t caught up. How are things?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohhhh lmao! Yes he did! And if they like him they will offer him a permanent position in around 8 weeks. I’m so thankful. The man gets so anxious when he doesn’t work. He needs that sense of daily accomplishment.


      2. Yes we could use a gardener. When are you available? In Texas we hired the grass and weed eating done so we have no equipment. Have to buy. The other house has to be done and can’t find anyone.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. If you could see how well our grass has grown…and grown and grown. Lol
        If you’re going to buy check craigslist and but a small rechargeable trimmer. Best advice I ever got!


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