I am happy to announce that we have Internet and Cell Phone reception full time.Β  Now you will all have to read my annoying comments.πŸ™„

Just one problem….while we have most of our “stuff”, we do not have our furniture except for our dining room chairs. Furniture is at one house and “stuff” is at the other. Is it us or has Murphy struck again? While we had the moving truck, we had no one to help move furniture it being Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo and some boxing match or other. Never wait until the last minute to hire movers.☹️

Well, you know what they say “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”Β  We moved everything we could with the moving truck and car. Because we were anxious to get into the new house where we could be Internet connected and enjoy the view, we dragged a mattress from a set in the garage that the owner left for us into the breakfast area and slept on the floor.

No hardship with the view of the starry sky through the surrounding windows. However, we were not familiar with radiant heat flooring. We kept turning up the thermostat because it didn’t seem to be working. It was starting to get nice and warm when we went to bed yet as the night moved on, we got hotter and hotter and started to sweat. The heat was coming up through the mattress. 😰 By the time we got up in the morning, I could not breathe it was so hot. We were also still figuring out the complicated ceiling fan controls. As it happens, the heating doesn’t come on until the water heater gets up to a certain temperature and the water heater had been off as the house had been winterized. So when the water got up to temp, the heat escalated due to our turning it up high to try to get the house warm.πŸ™„

Thank goodness I had a doctor’s appointment in town so we could get out of here. However, we got to my appointment only to find that my appointment was today, Thursday, not that day, Tuesday. πŸ™ƒ Needless to say Danny was a bit frustrated with me and my ADD.πŸ˜’ But we made lemonade, once again! We went to check out a nursery that we spied on our way. The thing is, in Texas we only have flowers and plants that can withstand high heat and humidity so our choices are the same old, same old.🌻We were in awe of the beautiful variety of flowers and colors and would like to have spent the day there just looking but we moved on. Then we went to a shop that we had seen and kept reading about. It was a gift and garden shop and again we could have stayed all day and spent a lot of money. But we didn’t dally too long because it wasn’t as if we had nothing to do to put our house in order so we moved on. Of course, I was starving by then although Danny tells me I am not starving, people in Ethiopia are starving, I am just hungry. We went to a bagel shop for lunch where they have really good lunch bagels and ate outside enjoying the weather. We did dally there enjoying the good weather!😎

Continued Part Two



5 thoughts on “Ahhh…

  1. Hey Patrica πŸ™‚ Your new house seems wonderful πŸ™‚ I love wooden houses πŸ™‚ In India only hill-stations have these kind of houses πŸ™‚ And I understand settling in a new house is exhausting 😦 But take care and I hope you will settle down soon πŸ™‚


  2. That home is GORGEOUS. I wish I could say our hunt was at an end, but our real estate agent practically quit on us (my dad called him and got into a fight with him AGAINST our wishes) so we found a new agent and are starting again. Sigh. In the meantime, I’ll live vicariously through you and your BEAUTIFUL new home (complete with VERY functional heating!) At least you know now that it works!

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    1. Yes. Our hunting days are not over. The owner of this house just changed agents. This house is for sale. Danny talked him into leasing until it sells then we have 45 days to move. He’s asking too much for it so we will just enjoy while we can. We knew going in the probabilities. Meanwhile it is awesome. We have everything but the bbq pit which is now the pits. The owner has some residual effect from being in a coma for two weeks. He’s totally unpredictable. Many people have had run ins. So we have to be cautious. Anything is worth it to have cell and Internet.

      About your Dad…He is a pretty typical control freak alcoholic. I would encourage you to keep him out of the loop. You lived with his tyrancy for how long. You can finally breathe fresh air. Boundaries! He doesn’t have any so you will have to set them. Unfortunately, where he is concerned, you are going to have to pull up your big girl panties and face him down. You can be kind but firm. If he gets belligerent, tell him that you will continue the conversation at a time when he can treat you with respectfully as an adult. Don’t stoop to his level because that is a no-win situation. It will be scary the first time but remember the little girl in you needs you to be the adult and protect her. ❀️

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