So the latest computer issue…I have always had a problem keeping a charge on my Mac Air laptop. I have mentioned it to Apple numerous times and they give me something to try that doesn’t work. The Apple Store has always been cooperative and I have seldom paid anything nor has Danny. I called Apple when I found out it was going to cost me $300.00 to fix it. I use my power cord but I wanted to be able to go without it. Apple said it would cost me $250 if I took it in to an Apple Store. The closest store is 3 hours away. The problem was that Apple never documented my complaints. Danny had to take his phone to Apple for a screen replacement to keep from paying $1,000+ deposit to mail it in for a replacement phone (Apple Care Plan) so we drove the 3 hours.

I tried to get Danny to ask about my battery but he had enough going with his phone. He has a saying, “There are only two answers, ‘yes, no or maybe’. Don’t try to figure it out, I gave up a long time ago. My dad always said I am a fighter because I had a tendency to get what I needed because I couldn’t afford financially to roll over as I was single and on a limited budget. The store was packed because it is the only one in New Mexico and close from a large part of Colorado. Danny had an appointment but I didn’t. I finally figured “What the heck?”

I went up to the coordinator who is one of many employees working the floor. I told him that I was frustrated and explained the situation. I also made sure that I told him that we had purchased a lot of Apple equipment (cheesy huh?). Of course I added that Apple had been very good to us. I had a 10 minute wait and then after explaining how Apple was letting me down, the tec assigned to me found a way for Apple to pay for the repairs. He found where I had reported a damaged charging cable and had one replaced. The thing is that Apple had some problems with their cords (I had read about this problem). They had replaced mine because it was damaged from my getting it caught in the recliner. They used the cord problem as an excuse to replace the cord at no cost previously. My Apple Care Plan expired in October which is why I was going to have to pay for the battery replacement. The New Mexico tec used the cord recall to replace the battery, make any necessary repairs and do a final test at no charge thus saving us a minimum of $280. Woo Hoo!

Unfortunately, The Apple Store replaced Danny’s phone and now we have been here all day with them trying to get his encrypted information off his old phone because of some screw-up. His old phone will no longer recognize his password. Hmm I guess Tim Cook won’t use a back door program to get into his phone. One step forward, two steps back.

Honestly, I most likely caused my problem by never using my battery BUT there is a chance that the power cord caused the problem. Right? The point in this post is to say that you never know until you try.👍


  1. So when I worked in a call center, I learned that some companies work like hospitals: on a triage system. The more upset customers seemed to be, the more the call center employees were authorized to give them to make up for the issue–for free! Some people would exploit that system, but the truth is, if you’re upset, it’s worth voicing it truthfully (though not rudely). Companies want lifetime customers, and they build that trust through remedying any problems a customer might encounter. (Says the woman who’s too shy to even send a sandwich back if it’s not how I ordered it because I don’t want to upset any cooks or waiters. Irony!)

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