Whatever happened to the rule about being quiet in a library? As many of you know, my husband and I have to go to the library to use the Internet because we can’t get a signal at home.

These are a few of the things we have experienced:

  • There is an after school program in their community room attached to the library, 9663423-shocked-mother-among-wild-little-girls-at-a-sleepoverenough said.
  • Parents allow children to run through the library giggling and yelling.
  • People chat loudly to each other.
  • People chat loudly to the staff.
  • The staff instruct people on use of the computers.
  • People using the computers chat to each other.
  • A man had on his headphones and kept making these weird mouth noises (sitting next to me).
  • Currently, a woman is crunching food very loudly (sitting where the man above sat which is next to me).
  • People talk on their cells.


11613265-un-hombre-cauc-sico-y-mujer-susurrando-en-el-o-do-en-el-estudio-de-la-silueta-sobre-fondo-blancoMeanwhile, Danny and I are whispering to each other because we grew up in the era of quiet libraries. I even use my whispering voice to women in the restroom at the library.😆 While I am happy to have a nice accommodating place where I can use the Internet for free, I have worked in libraries so I am conditioned to QUIET! I suppose it is my problem for being so easily distracted. Meanwhile, I will have to go along to get along.😀





11 thoughts on “QUIET!!!

  1. Holy cow…if my childhood library days were like that my knuckles would not have been so sore from the smacks they got for my lack of quiet. Our library is being gutted and renovated so I cannot escape to my quiet spot. Rrrrrrr!

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    1. I literally heard someone say “Shit!”. There is some kind of luncheon going on in the community room. You know, there was a time when I could block out noise, hyper focus. What happened? I think I am getting mean in my old age. I understand now why old people can be mean. They just don’t “give a shit.”

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  2. I think the hushed quietness of our libraries made us feel like we were part of something greater than our usual noisy surroundings. Like great music used to signal a specific mood, or emotion the quiet allowed our bodies to rest while our minds explored other interests. I’m sorry for your loss.

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  3. I actually wrote a post on the shock I received when I visited my library to do some research and work on an assessment, and found students talking out loud and ‘eating’ food. When I asked one of the librarians why, she gave a tolerant smile and said that the students usually came straight from school and needed to eat, to keep their energy up and that the library recognised their needs and so, the rules had changed.
    I came away wondering if the ‘silence’ that is sacrosanct and appreciated by true lovers of reading, has gone the way of the dodo bird. Another more important fact is that many students appreciate the quiet and silent atmosphere that they can usually get at the library as opposed to the noise from siblings and regular household living. Students are noisy at the best of times and they have to abide by rules when in school, sitting for exams, visiting court, sick patients in hospital and so many other instances or occasions, so I feel libraries should still be among those institutions where ‘silence’ is respected, expected and practised! If they need to eat and the library wishes to allow it, then a small sound-proof room can be provided for that purpose but the rest of the library should still maintain the sacred rule of respectful ‘silence.’ 🤗🙊📚 That’s my soapbox stance for the day. Thanks for a though-provoking post Patricia.

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  4. Thanks for validating my “opinion”. It would be nice if the library would be the one place that kids don’t have electronic devices and noise to distract them. I am ADD so it sucks! At least early in the morning when the library is closed, I can sit in the quiet of my car and work. It is very nice that they leave their wi-fi available during the times they are closed so we have access to the internet. Hopefully, we will be moving soon to a locations where we can get the Internet.👏👏👏

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  5. I had a good chuckle about the availability of wifi – I totally agree. I often give thanks when I can use wifi on the train and outside buildings.
    When I was in Paris, I found I couldn’t use the translation App on my phone (when I attempted to converse with a Parisian) due to having no wifi access anywhere outside the hotel.

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