Give me a break Murphy!

Day2_1816Danny and I went to look at some property today with the developer. Before we left the house, as I was putting on my tennis shoes, Danny said, “We are going to be walking through snow.” Well, the snow is melting like crazy so I had my doubts but put on my snow boots anyway.”

When we got to a lot that the developer wanted to show us, he said, “Let’s walk up onto that hill, it’s the perfect place to build a home.” I hopped out of his truck and watched as Danny and the developer sunk into the snow almost up to their knees. I am 4’ll” and overweight, not huge but chubby. Also, I still haven’t gotten acclimated to the high altitude so it wasn’t going to be an easy feat but I am a trooper and did not want to embarrass Danny. Like I could avoid it.

Danny told me to walk in his footstep indentions in the snow that happened to be really deep. Sounded like a plan but his footsteps were much further apart my poor legs wanted to reach so I lost my balance many times. Luckily, if you don’t put your weight on your hands, you can use them to push you back up even though the snow is soft. I didn’t land on my face at least, just my hands. The snow was up to my knees but thank goodness I took the hint from Danny to wear my boots. It’s odd to me that my feet don’t get wet, sometimes just a little cold but my jeans do get wet and dry really fast. If this were in Texas, they would definitely have to go into the dryer due to the humidity. It didn’t help that I had to “pee” and I was not going to go behind a tree especially since there was no brush to hide behind.

So I am trudging along, smiling and telling the men not to wait for me though Danny insisted that he wait, that is until he saw that I was stopping to catch my breath every so many feet. I made my way to different trail of footsteps that appeared to be less steep. It didn’t make a difference, there was no way I was going to make it up that incline so I just stopped and stood in the deep ruts that surprisingly propped me upright. I tried to look casual but I was huffing and puffing. Danny called to me to come look at the view but I told him I was fine where I was and looked around me with feigned interest, trying to look casual. When we headed back to the truck, I made sure that the men went ahead of me and I learned to stop and put distance between Danny and me so that I could walk fast which seemed to keep me from falling.

On the way back to the truck, the developer asked, “Have you all had a difficult time getting used to the altitude?” Danny said, “No” at the same time I said, “Yes.” Thinking I could read the man’s thoughts, I added, “It probably has to do with my weight.” Of course, Danny said, “Well, at least I haven’t, I seem to have adjusted quickly.” Thanks sweetheart!

Now this part is especially for Alyssa who loves it when people talk on the phone in restrooms:

When we parted ways with the developer, we drove into town for groceries. While doing my shopping, it occurred to me that whenever we are at the grocery store, people are always gossiping on their phones while they shop. Also, people stop and gossip with their friends and neighbors a lot. Danny and I discussed it later and decided that it is probably typical of a small town. The people are actually very friendly especially sales and service people. The retail store workers are so helpful.

We decided to have dinner at our new favorite restaurant, The Irish Embassy Pub. I ordered the Shepherd’s Pie and when it came as Danny was finishing his hamburger and “chips”, I proceeded to dig in. I had eaten many bites but hadn’t made a dent when I saw a blonde hair in my food. I pulled it out and said, “Yuck, a hair”, threw it towards the floor and said, “Oh well, I hope she washed her hair” and started to dig in again when I noticed another blonde hair and another and another. Danny said, “Don’t eat any more, make them take it back.” I called a waiter over and another waiter tagged along.. I told them that I had pulled hair after hair after hair out of my food, never one to mince words. One of the waiters stopped me as I was about to pull another hair out of my food by saying, “I saw it” and they asked if I wanted them to get another order started. I got the impression that they were hoping I would say “No” so I wouldn’t make a scene though I had no intention of doing so. Long story short, the manager came over and apologized and I told her that if it was one hair I could handle it, but hair after hair after hair. Poor manager. Anyway, she told me that she had removed my meal from the ticket. After a while, I received another order of Shepherd’s Pie and couldn’t finish it so I asked for a “to go” box and the ticket. My meal had not been comp’d so I called the poor waiter back over and told him that the manager had said that I would not be charged for my meal. He wasn’t convinced but said he would check on it. When I insisted that the manager was the person who informed me that I would not be charged, he told me that he would take care of it and I saw him in a huddle with the manager as I went to the restroom. The truth is I didn’t care if they comp’d the meal or not but it was the right thing for them to do.

I put my remaining food in the “to go” container and when we got into the car, I discovered that the container was leaking from the bottom. Danny was not happy and pulled over, grabbed some wipes and handed them to me. He discovered that the container was upside down. I actually considered which way was up when I put the food in it but apparently guessed wrong. I have made that mistake before but it didn’t usually make a difference. Luckily, I happened to have picked up a free newspaper from the grocery store so I wrapped the container in it.

On the way home, I commented to Danny that his Land Rover Defender was warm inside. It has a tendency to blow fuses when we use the heat or air conditioning. Danny asked, “Is it too warm?” and I responded, “No, not at all.” Being the funny guy he is, he said, “That’s good because I was afraid I would have to “defend her”. He keeps me laughing.

So when Murphy’s law jumps up and bites you in the butt, know that you are in good company because he accompanies me everywhere I go. We are the best of friends!

2 thoughts on “Give me a break Murphy!

  1. Oooh, you know me; the idea of being around that many people on cell phones would drive me crazy!

    But we’re often cut, Patricia, from the same cloth, as I don’t know how many times I’ve done that trick where I put my food in the wrong end of the to-go container. So Murphy and I are on a first name basis, too!

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