The Picture Post Card Outside My Window



As I am blogging, I look out the window beside me and wonder how anyone could hate the snow.

Yes, it is work and if you have to get up an hour early to shovel the snow off your driveway before you can leave for work, it could be irritating and also snow could make traveling difficult. It does make a mess on the floor when you track it into the mud room so taking off your boots is a necessity. But the beauty of the snow on the pines, blue spruces and the mountains is breathtaking. The undisturbed snow on the ground is indeed like a white blanket or sometimes we compare it to a cloud. It sparkles iridescent colors in the sun. When it changes form, the edges of a snow bank become jagged and the crystallized.

When the snow piled on the roof slides off, it makes a loud scraping noise and a thud as it hits the ground. Yodi and Danny are always startled but I love it because I get to laugh at their reactions. Also, we have been watching the blocks of snow sliding bit by bit down the roof and anxiously awaiting its fall. Its like an event when it finally hits the ground.

Perhaps these are only the reactions of a couple who grew up in a state where as the saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait a minute, it will change.” A place where you may be wearing shorts on Thanksgiving or Christmas and a heavy coat the next day. In Texas, we typically have a year round wardrobe of mostly short sleeved shirts that you throw a jacket over when and if it gets cold. Heavy sweaters are not a common purchase for me even though it actually feels colder in Texas at 50 degrees than it does in Colorado at 30 degrees. I still laugh when it gets down to 60 degrees and people wear their boots and jackets, I guess any excuse…. The humidity makes it feel colder and the wind chill factor is crazy. People have a lot of upper respiratory issues because of the constant weather changes. I rarely wore a coat or jacket because I was in and out of stores or the house and by the time you got inside, you were strapped with a jacket to carry around. The stores crank up the heat and with the crowds, I would find myself suffocating so I liked to wear light jackets that I could tie around my waist.

The humidity also makes the heat almost unbearable because its a sticky, sweaty heat. The stylist who did my hair a couple of days ago said the humidity is the reason that people from Texas have “big hair”. That made me laugh, because I never thought of it that way even though you hear “This humidity is making my hair frizz.” a lot. Here in Colorado, my hair is constantly flat because I am not accustomed to putting mousse or gel in my hair.

Where we lived, at least there was usually a breeze so we enjoyed sitting on our front veranda. The veranda was very handy for cooling off breaks when doing yard work in the heat. We lived fairly close to the gulf so we got some gulf breeze. I am wondering what it will be like to live without air conditioning. Hard to imagine but I am told that you only need it a couple of days a year and only during the daytime. We have A/C in the car because we bought it in Texas. I am glad of that because I don’t like stuffiness but then who does?

I have always liked inclement weather because it makes the home feel cozy. It never rained long enough for me but I’m sure that there are those who would argue with me because there was a lot of street flooding. So being here and watching the snow fall is a most wonderful experience. It doesn’t get much better than this.

6 thoughts on “The Picture Post Card Outside My Window

  1. After 40 years in Minnesota, I won’t mind if I never see snow again. I live in Cornwall now, where people think it’s romantic, and I have to agree that it’s gorgeous but I’m happy to have someone else take my share.

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