My Grandmother, Autumn, and Me – By Amy Oestreicher

This is an amazing story and a good example of how important the unconditional love of a grandparent can be to the development of our soul. Amy was so blessed.

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Around this time of year, I always think about my grandmother. She had an autumn birthday and she’d often come to stay with us just as the leaves started to fall.

She’d take me on long nature walks as I gathered falling leaves, twigs and pebbles in an empty egg carton. She even helped me catch my first silkworm, hanging onto a giant maple leaf. Autumn connects me not only to my grandmother, but to everything she represents for me.

My grandmother and I had amazing memories together. As a child, she’d always yell at me for going barefoot on the cold kitchen tiles. She didn’t want me to “ketch a kolt” as she’d say in her thick Polish accent. My grandmother made the most amazing noodle pudding and always made sure I was well-fed. Every holiday was filled with homemade chicken soup, brisket and leftovers for weeks.

seagull-outline-hiMy grandmother…

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