Here We Go Again

With the snow we have had for the past several days, our work-around of using our Iphones as hotspots hasn’t worked out as well. But,we found out that the very nice local public library has super fast internet connection and we can use it as long as we need it. In fact, they even leave it active in the parking lot for people who need it before and after hours and its free. Danny uses the internet for stock market purposes so he needs to be “real time” and the hotspot alternative was not working out but it works for me so I still have that option.

So, here we are in the parking lot at 8:00 am because the library doesn’t open until 9:00 am. I knew the public library was used by people who didn’t have the internet but it never occurred to me that it could be used as long as it was needed. Luckily, we are people who do what we have to do so neither of us is minding this at all. All is well.

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