Wierd but Tasty

Here are some alternatives to try in your cooking:

Danny and I are spaghetti-a-holics. We love spicy anything, he’s Hispanic and I am allergic to bland food. First let me turn you on to Dreamfield’s Low Carb Pastas. To us, they actually taste better than regular pasta. I also use only ground Italian Sausage not only because it tastes better but also because there is less grease. I don’t even have to drain it. I use Ro-tel tomatoes that have chilies along with regular diced tomatoes with oregano and garlic or hatever Italian spices they have. I use Classico spaghetti sauce either Spicy Red Pepper or Spicy Tomato and Basil and add Italian seasoning and basil. The must add ingredients for Danny are tomato paste to make it thicker, fennel, garlic and crushed red pepper. Depending on my mood, I either add sweet red, yellow or orange pepper strips  and sometimes all three, because it is pretty, or black olives and mushrooms. I fixed this for my sister and brother-in-law with the sweet red peppers when they were visiting. My brother-in-law will not eat casseroles, in fact, he has a set diet of bacon sandwiches, salmon or steak. He loved the spaghetti and insisted that my sister get the recipe.

One day I made some stir fry and used orzo in place of rice and it was really good.

We, as Texans, love our version of Coney Island’s. We went to Durango Dawgs last night and I ordered a Coney Island and got a sub bun with a huge awesome, we will call it a “frank” because otherwise it will sound sexual, good chili and shredded cheese. Sounds good? I wanted my cheese melted! The whole thing might as well been cold because the cold shredded cheese took away from the heat of the “frank” and chili. My Coney islands are as follows:

I use Oscar Meyer bun length classic franks made with Turkey, Chicken and Pork added. If you heat a beef frank in the microwave, you will see grease on the plate where if you heat these franks, you “might” see water. We like Hormel Chili with Beans and Mexican style shredded cheese because not only is it tasty, it is finely shredded and melts well. I start with a bun, preferably wheat for calorie sake, and smear it with mustard, regular or spicy, add the frank and chili (both of which have been heated), add jalapenos, top with cheese, place in a glass baking pan and put in the oven under the broiler to melt and toast the cheese and toast the bun. Because we try to cut out bread as much as possible, I prepare the quick and easy version. I heat the frank and the chili in the microwave, place the frank on a plate and cover it with mustard, chili, jalapenos and cheese and microwave it for about a minute and that is what we call bunless coney islands. Sometimes I will make them with saurkraut and mustard or mustard and jalapenos.

Rotel tomatoes and Cream Cheese make an awesome dip. Just mix softened cream cheese with Rotel tomatoes, chill for about 30 minutes and serve with Ruffles Potato Chips. Oddly enough, it doesn’t go as well with tortilla chips. When I make it for a crowd, I use one can of tomatoes drained and one not drained with two boxes of cream cheese. I have used a mixer but it makes an awful mess so I just do it by hand. Cream cheese can be softened in the microwave.

My mother is of German dissent and grew up poor. When I was growing up, she made fried potato sandwiches. She cut the potatoes round, salt, peppered and fried them. She liked hers on bread with mayo and onion but my sister and I refuse to eat anything with mayo so we like ours on bread with mustard.

At one time, stew meat was lean and inexpensive. Now, it is still lean but the price seems to have escalated. I use it for a lot of different recipes that I cook in the crock pot. By the time it is served, it falls apart. Our favorite is probably simply browned meat and sliced onions covered with Campbell’s Golden Mushroom soup served either over noodles or rice. Previously round steak was my “go-to” but it has also gone up in price.

Adding mustard and/or jalapenos to your Bush’s Baked Beans and franks gives it more pizazz.

Melting shredded cheddar cheese onto your red beans and rice is yummy. I add Tobasco also.

When and if I fry meat, chicken or vegetables, I dip my meat, chicken or vegetable in the flour first, then in the egg wash, then back in the flour. The breading sticks better that way.

Campbell’s Golden Mushroom Soup makes anything taste good when used in the crockpot and it is so easy to use.

If you like Saurkraut on your Reubens or Hot Dogs, Claussen cold pack is the best. It comes in a jar rather than a can or bag making it fresher and easier to store in your refrigerator.

If you try any of these, I hope they work for you.








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