I’m-m-m-m Ba-a-a-ack

I have responded to those of you who commiserated with us in “comments” about our Internet situation but to let everyone else know, we have found a solution.

Duh, we are using our Iphone’s as Hotspots in our Garage/Studio/Guest apartment. We knew we could at least get a phone signal in there but I suppose we thought the cost would be prohibitive. However, since we no longer have Hughes Net, voila, we use that cost to pay for the hotspots. Even if we have to increase our data plan, it won’t go over what we would be paying Hughes Net.

Probably, TMI but you know me….πŸ™ƒ


6 thoughts on “I’m-m-m-m Ba-a-a-ack

    1. Yeah, I know and we talked to them. In our location, Direct TV uses Hughes Net for internet connectivity and we just canceled Hughes Net because we were getting lousy connectivity. We have Dish but they use Hughes Net too. There is no one, I mean no one else because we are in a dead zone. Connectivity a mile away but not here. Thank goodness our studio/loft/ garage apt. works. I miss Direct TV, we thought Dish would be good because our daughter liked it so much.

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  1. Never TMI, but MI (i.e., More Information). That’s how we learn from each other, so thanks for sharing this lifesaving hack…and I do mean lifesaving, because I couldn’t live without my internet.

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