It makes me sad to say that my posting will become sporadic for a while. We have made the decision to cancel our pending contract with Hughes Net for internet service. We live in a dead zone and only one landline company offers service in this area. That one company says their “box” is full. We went with Hughes Net with high hopes but it is not working out due to rare occasions of getting on the internet for any length of time and often not at all. If we do not cancel Hughes Net as of today, we will be bound in a contract  with them for two years. We have tried two different boosters and neither will work in this area. We had hope about another company who has a work-around but haven’t been able to talk to them. We also have problems with using our cell phones here.

We may have to move to enable us to have access to the internet and our cell phones. As most people, we both depend on the internet heavily and if there was an emergency, we could not be reached. We do not want to move. We like this house and the location and moving is a pain and expensive. Several companies say they are working on getting better coverage here but it may be next year or later. We are doing o.k. on satellite but haven’t been watching much television.

So, my friends, I will have to visit a location with WiFi to post and I will, I’m just not sure how often. I can, however, type and save my posts and post them when I get to a WiFi site. I just wanted you to be aware that I have not gone away.

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      1. I’m a psycho presser! I can mess up a computer quicker than you can blink. Danny gets so frustrated. I once wiped out my whole hard drive and had to contact the manufacturer to get more software. Who knew that you weren’t supposed to delete all those files? When the computer doesn’t respond immediately, I start punching every key trying to fix it which totally confuses the computer and I end up having to shut down and reboot. When Danny sees me, he yells “STOP!”. He is our tech, however, it was a simple answer. 😆

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