Crazy Dating Stories or What Was I thinking 😳

I was on a first date with a guy who had license plates that read “Cock 1”. I was very embarrassed to get into his car as well as being nervous as to what kind of person would have that on their license plates, talk about “vanity plates”. I refused to get into his car at the restaurant until there was no one around. He laughed and said, “My last name is Cockrell.” I still wasn’t laughing. After dinner, we went to pick up his boat at a diesel mechanical location. We had argued about leaving his sun roof open because I had bronchitis and he felt that I should not be exposed to the night air. Awwwww… We compromised by leaving it half-way open. He was what we called then “Stylin It” or showing off by having the music turned up on the radio of his Cadillac as we drove by the diesel mechanics working on big rigs. The boat had a cover on it and  as he was looking in the rear view mirror, he said, “There’s a lot of water on the cover, watch what happens when I hit the brakes.” He hit the brakes and there was a loud thud and suddenly it was like a 50 gallon trash can of water hit the back windshield and then…us. We were soaked as was the inside of the car! We jumped out and he had a stricken look on his face as he apologized over and over, then he realized that I was laughing. Its a famous story among his friends and he has always given me credit for having a sense of humor. He invited  me to a weekend camping trip with his friends and I begged off because I was moving from Galveston to Houston (he lived in Houston as well). We continued to date after that but I began to realize that he only asked me out on weekdays. I confronted him about it once and he got defensive and asked me out on a Saturday night. We argued all night so I decided that maybe our going out on the weekend was not such a good idea for some reason. We dated for quite a while until we drifted off. I would run into him from time to time at a club we both frequented and we were friendly. A friend of mine started dating a friend of his and she told me that they had double dated with Wayne and his long-time girlfriend. She said, “They only see each other on weekends.” Mystery solved. They got together on the camping weekend that I was not able to go on.

I went out with a guy who I thought I was in a monogamous relationship with. For Christmas, he took me out to an expensive restaurant and gave me a purple star sapphire necklace with a diamond chip. He said, “I wanted to get you a star sapphire ring ring but I didn’t know your size. You are the only girl I bought a Christmas gift.” I was very touched until my friend told me that she was at a club we frequented and a girl named “Mary” was showing off the star sapphire ring with a couple of diamond chips that this guy had given her for Christmas. What a cad! He went back to college and about a year or so later, came over to the apartment I shared with a roommate. As we were sitting on my couch, he was trying to woo me with bullshit lines. I turned to him and calmly asked, “Was it a matched set?” He was confused by my question and asked what I meant. I said, “The necklace you gave me and the ring you gave Mary, were they a matched set?” Busted! He didn’t stick around after that.

I dated a guy that I met at a club with who was friends with other people that I had made acquaintances with, or I thought they were friends. He seemed like a nice guy and accepted by the others. I started getting obscene phone calls and it took a while for me to realize that he would always call after I received one of those calls and would offer to come over and stay the night to keep me safe. He turned out to be a psycho and when I was talking to his “friends”, one of the guys told me that he thought the guy was the one making the obscene phone calls to me. Why they didn’t tell me, I don’t know. I invited him to have dinner with me and some friends at the country club where I was working. As we were having dinner with my supervisor and another employee and her boyfriend, the meal was being comp’ed. I dressed up as did my co-workers because it was formal dining. I should have picked up on his narcissism when he insulted me for being dressed up by saying that I was trying to be something I wasn’t. Then at dinner, one of the women with us insisted on ordering the wine and he became very morose and insulting. His behavior was really bad toward the woman ordering the wine because as he told me later that she was just showing off. I got the impression that he felt that as a man he should do the ordering . I decided the best thing to do is leave before we even ordered dinner and I was totally humiliated. On the way back to my apartment, he stared flip-flopping back and forth between wanting to be with me and not for the rest of the evening. He would take me to my apartment and before I could get out of the car, drive off and go to his apartment. It was a frightening situation. Honestly, I don’t remember how the night ended but I think I finally got out of the car at my apartment and he left. I think my motivation in continuing to date him after that was because my ex-boyfriend was dating someone else and because we lived in the same complex, our lives were an open book. It only lasted for a short while after that though. The end to the relationship came when a girl I worked with knew this guy and she told me that he wanted me to go to a club where he was along with her. Again, she knew what he was like and never told me. I agreed to go and she drove us there and he drove me home. Little did I know what I was in for! I would like to think that he was just drunk but I truly think he was psycho. We drove on a very winding road called “Memorial Drive” and he was driving in excess of 100 mph. I was so petrified that I was literally screaming and got down in the floorboard so I couldn’t see the road in front of us. He just laughed. When we got off that road, I insisted that he take me straight to my apartment. I got out and told him I never wanted to see him again and that was the last time I saw him. It was obvious to me that he enjoyed my terror and that just wasn’t acceptable. My narcissistic ex-husband did the same thing to me in his corvette when we were dating. He was drunk but that didn’t excuse that he was thoroughly enjoying my terror. He was driving very fast and loose and I was in the floorboard as he laughed.

I must have been attracted to psycho’s because once when I decided to stop being a one-guy girl and just date, I went out with a guy I met at a club. He bragged on the phone about his race car and how he wanted to get a small helicopter. He was a mechanic at the now torn down “Astroworld” in Houston so it seemed he could be making good money not that it mattered. He picked me up in his “race” car and it had no seats! I suppose he was trying to impress me because he knew that I liked car racing but I wasn’t impressed. We went to a nice disco club and he spent the whole time being defensive about the people there. He told me that he bet his shirt (which had seen better days) cost more than any other guy’s shirt in the club. He complained about the snobbishness in the place, of which I saw none. I finally had enough and pulled the old headache routine and had him take me home.

Same time period, I met a guy in a club who called and wanted to come over to my apartment. I agreed and he came armed with a six-pack of beer which he put in my refrigerator. I didn’t drink beer so I had told him he needed to byob. It quickly became obvious that he was there for one reason and I was not interested. I tried to explain to him that I was not a make-out girl. He became irate and said I must be a lesbian. I asked him to leave and he made a big deal out of the fact that he was taking his beer with him. Fine by me. My neighbor whose door faced mine said she was about to call the police upon hearing his rage but he left as she was picking up the phone. Can I ever pick them! That was the end of my dating around!

My brother and sister-in-law were determined to get me married so they have fixed me up with a drug dealer, his uncle, and a guy who they fixed me up with as a date to the Navy Ball just because he wanted to get married. On my own, I met a guy who was a Texas Ranger and asked me to marry him when I met him in a club. Then the next day, he sent me flowers at work with a note saying “I’m serious.” It was kinda creepy because I didn’t remember even telling him where I worked. He explained to me that as a Texas Ranger he could find out just about anything. He turned out to be a nice guy but the only thing we had in common was law enforcement since I had worked for a police department. He made a record album a copy of which he gave to me. Not my genre.

Then there was the actor/real estate agent who was attracted to me because neither of us had ever been married. He was soooo good looking and I thought he had a good personality but when I took him to a family barbecue at my Great-Uncle’s ranch, I found out that he was basically a narcissistic snob. We were living together at the time which happened much too quickly. There was a young man that he met when he slept with the kid’s mother after picking her up at a bar. He said he was like a substitute father to the kid because he was in a bad home. After this guy talked me into getting on the Amway scheme, we went to an Amway convention and this kid went along. The guy only booked one motel room and the kid asked him, “Which one of us are you going to sleep with?” I didn’t sleep all night in fear that he would actually get into bed with this kid. He moved out right before New Year’s Eve and I was stupidly devastated. I have separation anxiety and have had since I was very young. We had tickets to the Willie Nelson New Year’s Eve concert along with my brother and sister-in-law. The guy insisted that we go to the concert even though we were broken up. He was probably just uncomfortable that he would be sitting with my brother and sister-in-law. I was uncomfortable all night even though he acted as if we were still together. I look back now and wonder where my head was because he went to Rio De Janeiro with another woman who he swore he had no interest and was only going because it was a free trip. Another night, I could not reach him all night and he told me that he had been working on his rental house and fell asleep because he was sick. After we broke up, he told me he was moving to Dallas. After he was in Dallas, he called to let me know he had accidentally taken a picture with him that my dad had painted. He said he was with a woman who had the same problem with his narcissism as I did.

I was single a really long time so I could probably go on and on. On the other hand, I have dated some really nice guys. The best was my husband, Danny. Ours is a long story but suffice it to say that I have never felt about any man the way I feel about him. The way I felt about him when we met was so pure and real and the feeling was mutual. We have never had it easy because we both come from dysfunctional childhoods and have made choices that took us down rough roads. We raised his three children together to the best of our ability and now we are slowly finding our way back to who we were when we met and what brought us together. In some ways we are too much alike and in some ways we are opposites so there are mountains and valleys but I know that there is no other man in this world that I want to experience the rest of my life with. He is truly the man of my dreams.😍


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