Yea! The Move is Over

Murphy tried to kick our tails again when we tried to make a trip back to Texas to retrieve the remainder of our belongings. First thing that happened was the moving truck we had scheduled was cancelled by Budget. You see, UPS has a contract for all available moving trucks and automobiles so that they can get Christmas packages delivered on time or as soon as possible. Then the winter storm affecting Colorado, New Mexico and Texas happened so I guess it was a good thing that the truck was cancelled.

However, as soon as we saw the weather clearing Danny got Budget and U-Haul into a bidding war for the best price on a truck. U-Haul won with a larger truck, better price and an easier pick up location. We drove our Subaru to Texas making good time. Danny grew up in a family that thought nothing of visiting each other at all hours so when we drove through the town on the outskirts of Houston where our youngest daughter lives, he called her up and told her we were coming by at 2:00am. She had two sick toddlers and a sick baby and needless to say everyone was asleep. I laughed when she answered the phone “What????” because that is the way her dad answers her calls when he is busy. Turn about is fair play.

So they allowed us to come by and pick up packages we had delivered to their house and drop of the grand-children’s gifts. In all fairness, they did invite us to spend the night but Danny wanted to be close to our storage units so we drove the hour’s drive and got a motel room for three hours sleep.

When we called U-Haul the next morning, we were told that the truck wasn’t available. Danny was about to blow but they told us the truck would be there at 9:30. We hired some guys who needed the work to load the truck and we were able to get finished early enough to run some local errands and see our grandson who lives close to the storage units with his dad. Then we went by and saw his brother who was staying with their  mom’s mother. Domani’s stepmother and Domani and Paul’s grandmother kept our visit a surprise and they were truly surprised. Then we spent the night with our son and his family so we were able to spend time with our three granddaughters since they lived on the route we were taking. We stopped in Huntsville, Texas for Oak firewood which certainly burns better than the pine we were sold here. The visits even though most were short were a bonus because we hadn’t expected to have visiting time available. Only having to drive the truck one way and being able to load it in good time helped.

The drive back to Colorado was difficult for me because I get sleepy when I drive. I listened to a book and that helped but Danny got frustrated with having to stop for me to nap. Finally I told him that following him was really making me sleepy so I went on ahead. He kept up with my whereabouts with the Find Friends app. and would call periodically when I made pit stops. I put our address in the GPS and ended up taking a different route. The scenery was breathtaking as the road wound up the mountains. I saw a scene at sunset that I had deleted from my Webshots playlist because I thought it wasn’t real. It was most certainly real because I saw it played out in all its beauty. It was sunset at its most glorious reflected in pinks and lavenders on the rock plateaus. The road also took me through Pagosa Springs, a town I had been curious about and was a pretty little town. Danny and I made it home at the same time and we were too exhausted to do much but go to bed.

We had a day to rest while arranging for some young guys to help us unload. The unloading was grueling, there was so much stuff and furniture that we were forced to leave behind on the original move. There were damages to our furniture and some breakage but I guess it was to be expected with the kamikaze style move. The guys who helped us were troopers though and we got it done in three hours. I was cooking our traditional New Year’s Day meal even though it was a day late. We always have New England boiled dinner of corned beef roast, new potatoes, carrots and cabbage with black-eyed peas. Usually, I get talked into doing pan-fried cabbage as well but not this year. So we had a nice meal before we crashed.

Yodi and the fish survived though Yodi scolded us for leaving him for so long. He was one happy camper when we came in.

A funny thing that happened on the way to Texas – I am obsessed with the Northern Lights and I told Danny, “Look, the northern lights, oh my God!” Then I realized that I had my sunglasses on and with the mountain shadows I was seeing a rainbow effect. When I took them off, the Northern Lights disappeared. I can be rather naïve at times. Danny just shook his head.

All’s well that ends well!


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