Authentic Celebrity Names

These are the actual birth names of the following celebrities according to Wikipedia:

Guy Fieri of The Food Network fame was born as Guy Ramsey Ferry. Now I can see how this happened! Perhaps his ancestors were getting off the ship here in the states and couldn’t speak English well so Fieri became Ferry. Makes sense to me anyway as my family’s name of Witzenhausen became Westinghouse.

Lou Bega was born as David Lubega. O.K. at least that makes sense.

Whoopi Goldberg was born as Caryn Elaine Johnson. That’s a no-brainer, who would name their child “Whoopi”. She likes “Whoopi” pies so much the company named her after them.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was born as Jonathan Taylor Weiss. Thomas?

Tim Allen was born as Timothy Allen Dick. Now I can see a need to go by a different name, I mean “Tim A. Dick”. Not good.

Michael Caine was born as Maurice Joseph Micklewhite. Now, I would have kept the original name.

Stevie Wonder was born as Stevland Hardaway Judkins. Nice name, Stevland.  He was a “wonder”boy.

Nick Cage was born Nicolas Kim Coppola. Hmm, isn’t there another famous “Coppola”, a director. Guess he wanted to stand on his own.

David Blaine was born David Blaine White. Guess he wasn’t real attached to his last name.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was born Steven James Anderson. Who would name their baby “Stone Cold” anyway? He comes from the city of Austin so guess the name of “Austin” came along with him.

Chevy Chase was born Cornelius Crane Chase. A really corny name, don’t ya think?

Sigourney Weaver was born Susan Alexandra Weaver. Maybe looking at her wouldn’t creep me out so much if she went by Susan or even Alexandra.

Vin Diesel was born Mark Sinclair. Quite creative but where the heck did they get Vin much less Diesel?

I think I will change my name to Myrtle Tyrtle. Catchy, don’t ya think?

*Information from an article on BuzzFeed, November 18, 2015, “13 Celebrities Who Really Have Some Nerve”.




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