Book Recommendations

     These are among my all-time favorite reads! If you try them, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

I recommended this book to a friend and after reading it, he went out and bought all Stephen Frey’s books in hardback.

The Chairman by Stephen Frey

Publisher’s Summary

No one knows the dark side of “The Street” better than master storyteller Stephen Frey, author of such riveting novels as Shadow Account and The Day Trader. Now, in his most ambitious work to date, Frey proves that no writer can put a high-powered hero at greater risk, nor offer readers more thrilling rewards.A towering legend among New York private equity partnerships, Everest Capital is aptly named. When its founder meets an untimely death, 36-year-old superstar Christian Gillette gets the top job. But with the power and prestige come risks. The day he narrowly escapes a fiery explosion that consumes his limo and takes two innocent lives, Gillette instantly understands how intense those risks are.

It comes as no surprise to him that he has enemies in the world of multibillion-dollar deals. But now that he controls Everest, he’s not going to let those enemies keep him from taking the firm, and himself, to even greater heights. Gillette has never hesitated to be aggressive, even ruthless, in his pursuit of success. This time will be no exception.

But in order to forge the alliances necessary to achieve his goals, Gillette forsakes a cardinal rule: Never trust anyone. The only certainties are the insidious campaign of corporate sabotage that could cost Gillette his job and the relentless assassination attempts that could cost him his life. To break a deadly conspiracy of greed, he’ll be forced to walk, then run, an ever-blurring line between loyalty and betrayal, attack and retreat, survival and destruction…in the ultimate game of profit and loss.

With The Chairman, Stephen Frey presides with intensified skill over the market he has so dramatically cornered, sharpening his patented brand of hard-boiled high-finance intrigue to its keenest cutting edge yet.

©2005 Stephen Frey; (P)2005 Books on Tape, Inc.

As a believer in the necessity of the CIA, I found this book to be fascinating. Lengthy but never boring.

The Company: A Novel of the CIA

Publisher’s Summary

Crisis constantly lurks around the corner, monitored by spies who are always with us. In his career-capping thirteenth novel, master of the espionage thriller Robert Littell has crafted a breathtaking story of the legendary CIA – “The Company” to insiders.

At its heart lies a spectacular mole hunt involving the CIA, MI6, KGB and Mossad – a stunningly conceived trip down the rabbit hole to the labyrinthine Alice-in-Wonderland world of espionage, “a wood where things have no names.”

Racing across a landscape spanning the legendary Berlin Base of the 1950s – the front line of the simmering Cold War – the Soviet invasion of Hungary, the Bay of Pigs, Afghanistan, and the Gorbachev putsch, The Company tells the thrilling story of agents imprisoned in double lives, fighting an enemy that is amoral, elusive, and formidable. It also lays bare the internecine warfare within the company itself, adding another dimension to the spy vs. spy game.

©2013 Robert Littell (P)2013 Phoenix Audio

This is light reading chic lit but so entertaining; laugh out loud funny!

Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

Publisher’s Summary

Emma Corrigan is young, sweet, and has a long list of secrets; the kind of innocent secrets everyone has, one of which is that she is afraid of flying. Coming back from a thoroughly ruinous sales trip to Glasgow, she is seized by mortal terror when the plane she is on encounters some air turbulence, and ends up spilling her guts to the handsome American sitting next to her. He gets to hear that she sleeps beneath a Barbie bedspread, that she fibbed to get her current job, and that she has never been able to satisfactorily find her G-spot. Then, the plane lands…and rather than disappearing into anonymity, the American turns up in her life again. He’s the CEO of her company, and remembers her quite well….©2004 Sophie Kinsella; (P)2004 Books on Tape, Inc.

Atlas Shrugged [Audiobook] by Ayn Rand

This book was the selection for reading by my book club and is required reading in some college classes. The woman who chose this book for the book club to read, talked about it at every meeting prior to her turn to host thus choose the book.  She reads it once a year and when we saw the thickness of the book with its teeny tiny print, there were a lot of groans. I listened to it in audio and I believe that is the way to go because a lot of women who read it in print, never finished. I was intrigued as I read but was even more so when the news media began to compare it to what is going on in the United States today.

Publisher’s Summary

In a scrap heap within an abandoned factory, the greatest invention in history lies dormant and unused. By what fatal error of judgment has its value gone unrecognized, its brilliant inventor punished rather than rewarded for his efforts?In defense of those greatest of human qualities that have made civilization possible, one man sets out to show what would happen to the world if all the heroes of innovation and industry went on strike. Is he a destroyer or a liberator? And why does he fight his hardest battle not against his enemies but against the woman he loves?

Tremendous in scope and breathtaking in its suspense, Atlas Shrugged is Ayn Rand’s magnum opus, an electrifying moral defense of capitalism and free enterprise which launched an ideological movement and gained millions of loyal fans around the world.

©1985 Eugene Winick, Paul Gitlin and Leonard Peikoff; (P)2008 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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Please Note:

I listened to these in audio format through my subscription. I highly recommend, now owned by Amazon making it convenient to both read some books on Kindle and listen to the same book on Audible. Audible is inexpensive at about $20 a month and gives you two books per month. To make my money count, I select high cost and lengthy content books for my two per month. Discounts are also a plus with a subscription. After you purchase or select your allotted books, they are yours and remain in your online library. I have about 800 books in my audio library. I have the free app on my smart phone enabling me to Bluetooth the books in my car. It is so convenient because we take our phones everywhere so whether we are waiting in the doctor’s office, having our hair done, exercising or driving there is no need to get bored. It makes me want to run my errands and do my housekeeping or yard work so I can listen to a book and now I have a Bluetooth headset so I don’t have to deal with wires from my earphones. Check it out!


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