Information Management

     This took a little time to set up originally but it is very helpful. You may find this redundant in the day of smart phones and current software but even with those tools, we find it helpful. I set up an Excel spreadsheet with information on all of our vendors such as:

Nickname   For   Customer Name (whether me or Danny)   Acct. #   Phone#   Website Address   Online ID   Password   PIN   Company Name   Address   City  State   Zip   Security Question   Answer

   Of course, you can put as little or as much information as you need or want. Mine is really large but it doesn’t get printed out for security reasons , so the size doesn’t matter. My Smart Phone and Computer have “Key Chain” which saves and auto-fills my user names and passwords but it doesn’t always activate for whatever reason and the spreadsheet is a great back up. When I set up the online accounts, I add the information to the spreadsheet and e-mail Danny the updated copy so he has the ability to access the account without having to check with me for sign in info which can cause delays and frustrations.

It also comes in handy when we use a new vendor that won’t be used on a regular basis. I can enter the information on the spreadsheet and not have to keep up with business cards and/or flyers.

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