On Blogging 👏

I am new to blogging and what my opinion about blogging is this: “Is this heaven?”.

O.K. a bit over the top but I just want to say that I am feeling more at peace since I started. Blogging gives me an outlet for giving my opinion and sharing my strength, hope and experience. I find that my family is not so interested in what I have to say or suggestions I might offer. At first, my feelings were hurt that they don’t follow my blogs or even bother to read one from time to time but now I am beginning to think that’s not a bad thing. If they don’t read my blogs, I can be open and honest and share my true feelings.

Through blogging, I find that I am developing friendships with people that I have never and will never meet in person. Does it matter that I will never see their faces? No, because I know them in a way that I do not know people whose faces I see or have seen. I know how they feel about what they feel about. I know about their experiences and what those experiences meant or mean to them. I know of their physical and mental pain. I know about their humor. I even know some of their faces. Is that enough to form a friendship? You bet.

Blogging is a great outlet for my anxiety. Instead of talk, talk, talking, I can write, write, write and people can choose to read it or not. I am finding acceptance though doing what I love, writing. Each person who accepts me based on my blogs or comments  does so for their own personal reasons. They read a word or thought that speaks to them and for that I am grateful. When reading blogs, I might laugh, nod my head in agreement, get teary, smile or be amazed and it all gives me peace. Your words are like a balm to my soul.

So thanks to every one of you, those I have read and those I have yet to read.

Go in Peace.


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